Star Wars Battlefront II advert for PS4 is an epic masterpiece

Star Wars Battlefront II advert for PS4 is an epic masterpiece

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With all the excitement of the imminent Star Wars Battlefront II release reaching fever pitch, Sony has released this incredible commercial for Battlefront II on the PS4…

Simply entitled ‘Rivalry’ it’s truly brilliant.

The story begins as boy meets girl, but in this instance, the boy fancies himself as a heroic Jedi, while the girl moves into the neighborhood, emerging in black, from a removal truck branded “Imperial Moving & Storage” and clutching a Darth Vader action figure. Their opposing views are beautifully surmised as the blue glow of his lightsabre illuminates his bedroom at night, but a red glow radiates from hers.

A spirited, playful battle of the sexes takes hold and intensifies through their lives as they themselves mature. Director Wayne McClammy utilizes all the special effects at his disposal, but never looses sight of the human story, as the young man and young girl play an increasingly elaborate – and entertaining – games of one-upmanship.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available for pre-order now at £59.99 (consoles) and £49.99 (PC), with early adopters bagging some Star Wars: The Last Jedi-related in-game costumes, weapons and ships.

Developer: Pandemic
Publisher: LucasArts
Release: 17 November 2017
Formats: PS4, PC and Xbox One

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