Supergirl S03E2 “Triggers” REVIEW

Supergirl S03E2 “Triggers” REVIEW

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Airing in the UK on Sky 1, new episodes every Monday
Gabriel Llanas and Anna Musky-Goldwyn

Director: David McWhirter

Essential Plot Points:

  • As Lena starts to get the hang of owning and running Cat Co. James starts to feel he’s being side-lined and Kara continues to prioritise her life as Supergirl over her job as a reporter, creating friction between the two friends.
  • Gayle Marsh, or Psi, a person with telekinetic powers starts to commit a series of burglaries around the city, using her ability to conjure up people’s fears to freeze them in their tracks so that she can take the money.
  • Kara struggles to defeat Psi because of her crippling fear she has over her departure from Krypton as well as letting go of Mon-el.
  • Samantha Arias’ daughter is determined to prove that her mum is a superhero like Supergirl, and puts herself in deliberate danger to show that it’s true.
  • Alex and Maggie continue to argue over their future wedding.


Supergirl has always had a strong cast of characters, and with their great chemistry and dynamic onscreen it’s been easy to fall in love with Kara and co. They stick together, help each other out and remain strong in the face of adversity thanks to each other’s support. Even in the recent season new character additions have always been welcome, mainly thanks to the way they are easily integrated into the group and each play a part in Kara’s life.

This is certainly true in this week’s episode as we get to learn more about newcomer Samantha (Sam) Arias and her daughter Ruby. Still shocked by last week’s incident in which she saved her daughter by a sudden burst in strength, Sam wants to keep everything the way it was before but Ruby has other ideas. She wants her mum to be a superhero so that she can spend more time with her, but she decides to prove this point in the stupidest way possible: by deliberately putting herself in harm’s way. While the method of proving her mum’s abilities was rash and uncalled for, the whole episode has been a good introduction to the pair. Sam and Ruby are both tough characters so it’ll be interesting to see where their characters are taken to next.

Speaking of character dynamics, the writers are doing an excellent job of building on their female leads, bringing them into the foreground and giving them a chance to shine. The show prides itself on its strong female leads, and this is set to continue with the new season: Kara and Lena have a great onscreen friendship, while the introduction of Sam is clearly setting up a strong power-trio at the heart of season’s arc. It’ll be interesting to see where these characters are taken, and how their backgrounds and origins as enemies of Supergirl will play into the show as a whole. For now, we’re quite happy to see them as friends and their characters being fleshed out like this.

Sadly the same cannot be said for this week’s actual villain, Psi. Played by Yale Grobglas, Psi is a textbook two-dimensional adversary, with very little purpose other than to help Kara get other some of her fears. With an ability that’s reminiscent of the Scarecrow, you’d hope she’d be a better villain, one that’s motivated by something more than just simply wanting money, hell maybe if we knew why she needed all that money we would have cared what happened to her a bit more. It seems the writers are picking and choosing who they want to develop, and while Sam, Lena, and Kara have had some great plotlines this week it would be nice if there was something more to Psi.

The Good:

  • The writers are creating a very strong female-led narrative this season. With Lena more involved with Kara at Cat Co, and Sam taking over L Corp and trying to grapple with her newfound abilities, it will be very interesting to see how they grow as characters together.
  • Odette Annable is a great new addition to the cast as Sam, her character’s storyline is being mapped out in an interesting way, especially if she lives up to her villainous origins.
  • Seeing Lena and Kara butt heads was interesting, now that they also have a working relationship like this we might get to see more to their friendship than we have before.
  • James: “I don’t consider myself a chaperone. I consider myself a person who’s been running this company for a year.”
    Lena: “Alright, Mr. Olsen. I have a meeting with the advertising department in twenty minutes. I’ll see you there.”
    James: “You’ll see me in nineteen.”
    Lena: “Twenty will be fine.”

The Bad:

  • Psi is an underdeveloped villain, so it seems that the tradition of weak antagonists will continue on to season three. At least Psi’s presence helped to develop Kara’s character development as she deals with her grief over Mon-el.
  • We continue to hope that Alex and Maggie’s marital problems doesn’t continue to the point of no return this season

And the Random:

  • Psi first appeared in the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 in 1982, in the comics she has psychokinetic powers and was raised to fight a menace called “The Decay” who she, wrongly, believes is Kara.
  • Anyone else wondering what happened to Snapper Carr? No? Just us?

 Review by Roxy Simons

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