Stefan Kapicic (Colossus): I’m not a big fan of DC’s movies

Stefan Kapicic (Colossus): I’m not a big fan of DC’s movies

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Deadpool actor Stefan Kapicic – AKA Colossus – might be expected to favour Marvel movies over the rival company’s output, but it’s a little more complicated than that. When he’s asked if we are we approaching a saturation point with comic-book movies, he’s very frank.

“I hope and I still believe that there is a lot to come. In which way, I don’t know, it’s risky. But now we have Deadpool, we have Logan, we have Guardians of the Galaxy. I understand it from the Marvel point of view. I’m a big fan of DC, but I’m not a big fan of DC movies. So we’ll see what will happen.”

That’s right. He’s not saying he’s doesn’t like DC comics, which he obviously reads, he’s clarifying that he’s not a fan of the movie output based on those written escapades.

More positively, he definitely feels there are more stories to tell, and today’s comic-book movies have only scratched the surface.

“There’s so many things coming, with lots of characters we haven’t yet seen or who are not that popular, becoming bigger and bigger. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man were not in the top five, maybe not even the top 20 of characters people love. But they were movie sensations. Now Deadpool comes like an underdog and kills the Marvel universe – in a positive way! So I’m hoping we will find cleverer and more amazing ways and new stories and new characters.”

For those of us who like our heroes a little more sweary and violent, he also believes Deadpool and Logan have opened the door to more adult X-Force outings. “X-rated X-Men will happen in 2018,” he confirms.

Can we expect a Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead spinoff anytime soon? “That’d be cool. I’m praying people still like us. I didn’t expect Colossus to be so loved by the fans, although I knew it was a great character. The reaction from fans is just beautiful, so I’m hoping we will see a lot of Colossus in the future. And I think we will…”

As for the relationship between Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead…

“There are some things you want to say but you can’t.”

And so to Deadpool 2, which he’s been sworn to secrecy and definitely can’t talk about. Even when we ask what fans can expect…

“You have two new huge characters, those guys Cable and Domino. Deadpool is growing and it’s made the X-Force franchise bigger and bigger, almost introducing these guys for their own franchise. Deadpool 2 is going to be much bigger in many ways – amazing cast and the brilliant Ryan Reynolds. He is bringing Deadpool to a whole new level. When you see the sequel, you will know what I was talking about.

“Ryan is so into that film that he almost is like Wade Wilson when he talks about it. He’s so into this role. He’s always creating and you see him walking around on set trying out some new lines and some new ideas. It’s beautiful to see people so much in love with the character. It’s really rare nowadays. Some people didn’t know who Deadpool is so that was working for us. Now everybody knows what Deadpool is so everybody has their own expectation what is going to happen, but I thing nobody is going to be disappointed. There is no chance. It’s not like a regular sequel, it’s a Deadpool sequel.”

Given the strides the X-Men universe has made, sitting outside the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, is there any link up he’d like to see Colossus take advantage of?

“I would love to work with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine but unfortunately I don’t think he’ll play that role again. But I would love the possibility to work with Tom Hardy as Venom – they’ve just started filming that. But generally coming back to the X-Men family, now with all those timelines coming back together, we have The New Mutants coming out on the same timeline as Deadpool. We have X-Men at the end of the year, which is not the same I think. But it’s coming closer so we’ll see.”

Perhaps his current reading material offers some insight…

“Right now I’m reading Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. He kills Colossus! But that’s amazing and I really recommend it.”

We think he means the comic, not offing the big metallic guy!

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