Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer translation reveals secrets

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer translation reveals secrets

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According to a poster on Reddit, the Taiwanese subtitles from the latest The Last Jedi trailer reveal the answer to one of the key questions that arose after the second trailer dropped last week.

When the trailer landed with its deliberate misdirection and narrative mismatching, it was unclear who both Luke Skywalker and Snoke were talking to at key points. Snoke’s opening line “When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power” is hugely different depending on who it’s said to, and so is his invitation to “fulfil your destiny” later. And to a slightly lesser degree, Luke saying “this is not going to go the way you think” changes impact depending on who he’s saying it to.

SleepingAran wrote: “I’ve noticed the moment when Snoke says ‘When I found you’, the subtitle uses the feminine ‘you’ which is ‘妳’ as oppose to the gender neutral ‘you’ which is ‘你’.

“The former is the combination the word ‘女’, which means female and ‘尔’ which means you; while the latter is gender neutral that can be used to indicates female and male, but mainly used for male.

“This means that when Snoke says ‘When I found you’, Snoke is talking to a female character, which in my opinion is most likely Rey at this point.”

It was assumed, given the editing of the clip, that he was talking to Kylo Ren, but does this prove that Rey is the subject of his stirring speech?

SleepingAran continued: “After that, near the end of the trailer, when Snoke says ‘Fulfill your destiny’, the ‘you’ the subtitle wrote is now ‘你’, which means that Snoke talking to a male character now.

“So at this point, Snoke is not probably referring to Kylo or other male characters.”

It’s not as clumsy or as random as I expected. It’s an…elegant weapon

There’s more. When Luke Skywalker says “This is not going to end the way you think”, it was previously believed that he was talking to Rey. YouTuber Mike Zeroh has a theory suggesting Rey had a physical altercation with him in the lead-up to that moment. But is it now the case that he’s not talking to her at all?

SleepingAran added: “The ‘you’ again is written ‘你’, which means the Luke [sic] is talking to a male character.

“At this point, Luke is probably not talking to Rey, but someone else.”

There’s still some reason for skepticism however, as SleepingAran admits that the symbol used for male figures can actually be gender neutral (so it may have been used consciously to hide the subject). It’s still an interesting discovery though.

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