New Key Art And Trailer For Vikings Season 5

New Key Art And Trailer For Vikings Season 5

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Are you missing Westeros? Feeling a definite lack of brutal two edged politics and stabbing in your TV viewing life? Don’t worry, because The History Channel’s Vikings has just what you need.

Based on Viking sagas, it follows the rise to power of Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel), his wife Lagertha (the amazing Katheryn Winnick) and their sometime friends and allies. It’s startlingly violent, politically complicated, action packed and uses their lives as a trajectory to map the rise and fall of Viking society as it slowly integrates into the cultures it conquers. It’s a great show, intensely clever, often very funny and with more than a hint of the supernatural to it,that sits absolutely in the same wheelhouse as Game of Thrones. If Game of Thrones didn’t have any dragons but did have roughly 15000% more bearded men murdering one another that is.

Season 5, which picks up on some pretty seismic events at the end of season 4, starts 29 November. We’ve got key art for it below and a both subtle and slightly spoiler-y trailer below that. So if you’re a fan, go with Odin. And if not, the show is available to buy and on Amazon Prime in the UK now. Give it a stab. Trust us, it loves stabs.

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