New Beyond Skyline Trailer Arrives

New Beyond Skyline Trailer Arrives

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Skyline, released in 2010, was a deeply odd movie. The story of a group of friends who witness an alien invasion from their LA penthouse it had a great cast (Donald Faison! Eric Balfour! David Zayas! It’s like a character actors we love convention!), great design work and a very much less than great script. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an interesting watch and the ending is great. It’s just getting there that will be a challenge.

Now, seven years later, we get a sequel. And, to our pleasant surprise, it’s looking really good.

The movie stars Frank Grillo (CrossBones in the Captain America movies and great in everything he’s ever done) as an NYPD detective who is bailing his son out on the night the aliens arrive. His search takes him halfway across the world and into a fight between the aliens and a scrappy resistance including Sua (Iko Uwais), Audrey (Bojana Novakovic) and Harper (Callan Mulvey). You can what looks a lot like Yayan Ruhian, Grillo and Novakovic in action here.

It also, judging by that trailer includes a tremendous amount of creative martial arts, large scale property damage and what may be a cameo from the only survivor of Skyline. In other words, fun all the way down. Grillo’s always great value, Uwais and fellow The Raid alumni Yayan Ruhian are astounding martial artists and the legendary Antonio Fargas is also in the cast. Frank Grillo, The Raid guys and Huggy Bear? Yeah these aliens are going DOWN.

Beyond Skyline will be available digitally on 15 December and on DVD and Blu-ray 8 January 2018.

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