Matrix source code used sushi recipes

Matrix source code used sushi recipes

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So, if you’re like most people, up until now you believed that “The glyphs on the computer screens, with the exception of the call traces, consists of reversed letters, numbers and Japanese katakana characters” as written in the Trivia section for the first Matrix (1999) movie on the IMDb.

But now it seems there’s more to it.

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The first and perhaps most acclaimed film earned nearly half a billion dollars worldwide at the box office and kicked off a series of cross-market promotions, including video games, comic books, animated series, and clothing. Much of that was defined by or included the distinctive luminescent streaming code, a green jumble of shifting and scrolling symbols that represented the computerized Matrix.

In a recent interview with CNET, production designer Simon Whiteley revealed that the mysterious “green rain” was inspired by none other than his wife’s Japanese cookbooks.

According to the designer, who now works for Animal Logic, an animation and visual-effects studio based in Sydney, “Without that code, there is no Matrix.” So how did he do it? Apparently, Whiteley scanned the characters from his wife’s many Japanese cookbooks and digitally manipulated them into the raining stream of information that has since become an iconic image from the movie trilogy.

So, in there…somewhere, is the recipe for a shrimp tempura roll

Whiteley scanned his wife’s cookbooks, reversed and mixed up the characters to then create the cascading green code.

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