LOVEBITES – Awakening from Abyss Album REVIEW

LOVEBITES – Awakening from Abyss Album REVIEW

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Album: Awakening from Abyss
: 27 October 2017
From: JPU Records

Female power metal band LOVEBITES haven’t taken long to make their mark on the heavy metal scene. It’s been less than a year since their official live debut in Japan, and only a few months since the release of their debut EP, The LOVEBITES EP, in Japan, the UK and Europe. They’ve grabbed the attention of metal fans and musicians around the world, and now the quintet, made up of singer Asami, bass guitarist Miho, drummer Haruna, guitarist Midori, and guitar and keyboardist Mi-ya, are back with an even bigger, louder release: Awakening from Abyss. Are you ready? Because we certainly are.

The band draws inspiration from their love of international heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden when making music, and in this new release it’s certainly paid off. You can feel the raw, powerful energy of their songs from the get-go, The Awakening starts out as a soothing first track, for example, building anticipation for what’s to come with soft guitars before jumping head-first into an explosive instrumental second-half that puts Midori and Mi-ya’s shredding skills on full display. The Hammer of Wrath is a strong song to follow, reminiscent of classic metal the song sees Asami’s powerful vocals dominate as the band thrash it out alongside her. It’s a commanding track, and it will most certainly get stuck in your head long after it’s finished.

Shadowmaker is also a belter of a song. Opening with an intense cacophony of guitars and drums, it’s one of the album’s best tracks thanks to Haruna’s double-peddled beats, Miho’s fast-paced bass lines, and the intense guitar battle between Midori and Mi-ya. Going from one to the other, the showdown between the two guitarists is especially fun and features a relentlessly catchy tune that makes the song a definite highlight. Mi-ya is a new addition to the band but her skillful guitar playing and song writing (she’s the one behind Shadowmaker) has clearly confirmed how important she is to the band.

Liar is another epic song on the album, starting out in a soothing ballad style, Asami’s sweet vocals soon leads on to the cheerful tones of Midori, Mi-ya, Miho and Haruna’s instruments. It’s one of the album’s more comforting tracks but it easily resonates with us, so we hope it does with you too. Burden of Time also features a catchy chorus and intense guitar solos, it’s moving lyrics making it a stunning track. The album also features the four songs on the band’s debut EP, so if you are a fan of those power metal songs then you’re in for a treat with the rest — this is one metal album that you don’t want to miss.

Awakening from Abyss is released through JPU Records on October 27, and The LOVEBITES EP is out now.

Review by Roxy Simons

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