BUZZ WORDS: Your New Mutants Cheat Sheet

BUZZ WORDS: Your New Mutants Cheat Sheet

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The New Mutants trailer is a dizzying sprint through a very different kind of X-Men story with an entirely new cast. It’s great too, but so much goes by so fast it’s easy to miss just who’s who. So, here’s your one stop cheat sheet for The New Mutants, who’s playing them and what their abilities are.

Dani Moonstar/Psyche (Blu Hunt)

Blu Hunt played The Hollow on the most recent series of The Originals. She’s also appeared in This Is It and Girl On Girl.

Dani Moonstar, her character, is, like Magik, one of the most powerful characters in the X-Men’s history. A young Cheyenne woman born in Colorado, Dani’s abilities involve the projection of people’s worst fears or greatest desires into her opponent’s minds. She can also create illusions, has low level telepathy and has served as a Valkyrie of Asgard for some time. That bear necklace we see her wearing may be a vital clue to the plot too, given that the movie apparently draws heavily from the ‘Demon Bear’ plot line. This was Dani’s first nemesis, a demonic bear that she saw kill her parents and faced in battle. It didn’t go well, at all, and the shots of her wearing an oxygen mask may well be from the aftermath of that battle.

Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams)

Maisie Williams is arguably the best known member of the cast. For the last seven years she’s played everyone’s favorite murderous little sister, Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. Williams was also fantastic as Ashildr the newly immortal Viking woman in four of the best episodes of Peter Capaldi’s run on Doctor Who. She’s also appeared in deeply strange English Forteana movie The Falling and iBoy. She can next be heard voicing Goona in the Aardman Animations movie Early Man.

Her character in New Mutants, Rahne Sinclair, is also known as Wolfsbane. A young Scottish mutant, Rahne is a sweet-natured, religiously devout young woman who has been a mainstay of various X-teams for years. Her powers give her the ability to transform into a wolf, or a wolf/human hybrid. and the feral joy she feels when in wolf form is contrasted by her struggle to come to terms with her true nature.

Ilyana Rasputin/Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy)

Anya Taylor-Joy has become the face of a new generation of horror movies. She was the breakout star of Robert Eggers’ period horror movie The VVitch and went on to star in Morgan. Directed by Jake Scott, son of Ridley, Morgan is the story of a risk assessor sent to investigate the lab that has successfully created artificial life. It’s a great little movie, and anyone who’s seen Blade Runner 2049 should check it out as they draw on very similar themes. Earlier this year, she starred in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split as Casey Cooke. A survivor of impossible horror, Casey is the anchor of the movie and Taylor-Joy turns in excellent work. She’s currently filming her role in the sequel, whose title is just a little spoiler-y so we’ll not mention it here.

Her character, Magik, has quite the storied history even by the X-Men’s standards. The younger sister of Piotr Rasputin, Colossus, she has been killed, resurrected, lost most of her soul and battled demons in some of Marvel’s best known supernatural stories. This culminated in her becoming one of the five people posessed by the Phoenix Force during the Avengers vs X-Men plotline. Ilyana is a fiercely powerful mutant who can teleport, is a highly gifted sorceress and can manifest her own soul as a weapon. She’s had to constantly battle against the traumatizing effects of her powers and is as stoic and determined as she is powerful.

Doctor Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga)

Alice Braga is a genre stalwart who has done excellent work in Predators, I Am Legend, Elyisum and others. She’s also the lead of excellent crime series Queen of the South.

Interestingly, her character is not the villain the trailer heavily implies her to be. Doctor Cecilia Reyes is an actual Doctor who put her training above her abilities. In the comics she refused an invitation to join the X-Men and asked for her powers to stay secret so she qualify. Her powers allow her generate a Psioplasmic Bio-Field (Yes, really). In essence it’s an invisible set of psychically generated armor that protects her from damage. She later learns how to use it offensively too, creating ‘boxing gloves’ of it to enhance the force of her punches as well as spikes and bludgeons.

Sam Guthrie/Cannonball (Charlie Heaton)

Charlie Heaton is best known for his role as Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things. The perpetually worried looking brother of Will, Jon is one of the mainstays of the show thanks in no small part to the troubled, uneasy air that Heaton gives him. He’s also appeared in upcoming movie Marrowbone and in TV shows like DCI Banks and Vera.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Heaton’s nervy energy connects with his character. Samuel Zachary Guthrie, also known as Cannonball, is one of the New Mutants’ powerhouses. He has the ability to fly at supersonic speeds while wrapped in an impenetrable force field.

Sam is a good old boy in the best sense of the term, a Kentucky native whose family raised him to be honest, kind and work hard. Those qualities stood him in good stead throughout his time with the New Mutants and he was eventually ‘promoted’ to be a full X-Man. Like many of these characters he struggled to find his place. Most recently, he’s been presumed dead in the Chitauri attack that formed part of the Secret Empire story line, although in reality he’s been sold at an alien auction.

Roberto da Costa/Sunspot (Henry Zaga)

Henry Zaga has been a mainstay of some major shows in his short career. An actor and model, Zaga was a big part of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and played Josh Diaz on Teen Wolf.

His character, Roberto da Costa, is also known as Sunspot. Born into money, Roberto’s powers manifested at an early age. His ability to absorb solar energy and convert it into physical strength matches his hot headed temper and impulsive nature. It also meant he struggled with his place in the world, even considering supervillainy for a time. However, he found his way and ultimately was instrumental in bringing terror organization AIM out into the light. He did this, essentially, by buying it after defeating it’s leader. Now, Bobby leads his own team of U.S.Avengers and has become the last thing he expected to live to be; an adult.


So, that’s your New Mutants cast. The movie’s out 13 April 2018 and we can’t wait to see what this great cast does with these iconic characters.


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