BUZZ WORDS: The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Guesses

BUZZ WORDS: The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Guesses

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One of the most interesting pieces of information to come out of NYCC is the reveal that there will be a The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead crossover at some point soon. Producers are keeping quiet about which direction the crossover will go in, but, as we’ve talked about before, we think it’s pretty likely to be a The Walking Dead character showing up in Fear The Walking Dead. Otherwise you effectively destroy any tension surrounding the fate of a character showing up in the mother show or, worse, set up questions about their fate that will take years to pay off and annoy people more than intrigue them.

So, we think it’s a member of The Walking Dead cast.

And we’re pretty sure we know who.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

1. Negan

The greatest villain in the comics had a rocky start on the TV show, thanks largely to the Saviors being trapped in a season long cycle of ‘Shut up nerd! Give us your stuff or we’ll kill you! Ha we got your stuff AND we killed you!’ that was dull far more often than it was frightening.  However, by the end of season 7 the character had found his feet and is nicely established as the Anti-Rick.
But here’s the thing. While we know the comic Negan’s origin, we don’t know the TV version’s. Who was he before he formed the Saviors? Where was he? Is a wandering Negan going to be picked up by the Fear The Walking Dead characters, start some trouble and get thrown out? Is he going to pick up organisational tips for running a militia from Daniel Salazar? Will he be the latest person Troy tries to kill? Is he picking up supplies at the market that’s becoming a vital part of this season?  We’ll have to wait and see.
Negan makes a ton of sense because he has backstory we haven’t seen and he’s a major draw for the show. Putting him on Fear The Walking Dead would move the The Walking Dead audience over there by the ton. Plus, it’d be fun to see him not surrounded by his gang for once.

2. Abe

Fear The Walking Dead had a memorable early cameo from a group of soldiers who, realizing which way the wind was blowing, deserted and headed home to try and save their families. At the time it felt like a fleeting glimpse of a much more interesting show. Now, it feels, just maybe, like a dry run for a major surprise.
Think about it; the fact that Fear The Walking Dead is currently set in the past of The Walking Dead gives them a MASSIVE opportunity to bring back someone we’ve seen die. We know a lot of these characters have stuck around the Atlanta area following the collapse of society but Abe doesn’t necessarily have had to. There are enough holes in his story that we could see him being posted to the Mexico border and getting caught up in the events of Fear The Walking Dead as he realizes he has to fend for himself. Alternately, you could do something similar to the opportunity presented with Negan; show Abe on his worst day and how these characters corrected his course and set him on his way to Rick, Alexandria and his eventual death.
Plus we miss the big lug.

3. Daryl

It’s beginning to look a lot like Dixon’o’clock. Daryl makes SO much sense. He’s a fan favorite so he brings eyes to the show. He’s a hunter and tracker so it makes perfect sense for him to range very far and wide. Hell, if Fear The Walking Dead is still in The Walking Dead’s past you could have Daryl and Merle show up and how great would that be?! Michael Rooker is always good value and it’d give Norman Reedus a chance to show us just how far Daryl has come across the seven years of the show.
Perhaps most interestingly though, it would give the show’s two lone wolves a look at who they could be. Troy and Nick have been sprinting headlong towards self destruction for a while now. Perhaps a brush with Mr Dixon would be the correction they needed. Or perhaps seeing just how feral Troy has become is what plants the seed in Daryl to maybe rebel against his brother a little…
Most tellingly though, Daryl may have already been signposted. Kim Dickens has talked a lot recently about how she likes to think that Madison is related to the Dixon family. Is she their long lost sister? Did she murder their abusive father? How will Daryl react when he meets his sister again? There is a huge vein of story and drama to mine here and we really hope it’s him.

And, just for fun, here’s a wild card.

4. Troy

Twist! What if they do go for the ‘Fear The Walking Dead character in the future’ approach and really commit to it? If, as seems likely, season 8 is doing the entirety of the ‘All Out War’ comic plot line including the time jump, there’s a perfect opportunity to drop a new character in there. Two years in the future, and Troy is happily walking patrols between the newly united settlements as part of their unified armed forces. Older, wiser, sadder and far more grounded than the pinwheeling storm of chaos we’ve seen this season on Fear The Walking Dead.
This would be a great idea. Firstly because Daniel Sherman is amazing but mostly because it’s a perfect way to link the two shows and to deal with Fear The Walking Dead‘s Troy problem. He can’t stay, he’s already been exiled once, and is so broken that eventually the show is either going to put him down or write him out. He’s far too much fun to kill or abandon so having him jump ship to The Walking Dead means they can continue to play with the character, bring his original plot into land and connect the two shows. Everyone wins.

Or it could be Jerry. Jerry’s always cool.


The Walking Dead returns to the UK on 23 October at 9pm on Fox.

Fear The Walking Dead airs weekly in the UK on AMC, exclusive to BT, Mondays 2am and 9pm.


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