Amazing Stories Revival On The Way From Steven Spielberg, Bryan Fuller And Apple

Amazing Stories Revival On The Way From Steven Spielberg, Bryan Fuller And Apple

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It’s a good time to be an anthology TV show. Lore, the TV version of Aaron Mahnke’s superb paranormal and folklore podcast launches in a couple of days on Amazon. The second season of Channel Zero is getting great reviews, American Horror Story is confirmed for at least two more seasons and Black Mirror goes from strength to strength. There’s even a theatrical version of The Twilight Zone on the way, as well as a movie version of incredible theatrical ghost story anthology, Ghost Stories.

And now, one of the biggest names is back. Amazing Stories, the Steven Spielberg produced anthology series will return soon. The series, which shared a name with the original American science fiction magazine, showcased stories of the strange and featured appearances from some major stars of the time. Amblin, Spielberg’s production company, has signed a deal with Apple and NBC Universal to bring the show back. No word yet on where it will appear but some form of Apple TV roll out as an exclusive seems like the likeliest first step. Especially given Apple’s purported $1 billion dollar investment in original content over 2018.

Oh and Bryan Fuller will be the show runner.

Yeah. That’s what got us REALLY excited too.

Especially as Apple is throwing serious money at this thing. The original, at times, suffered from the gap between imagination and budget. This time, word is, the show will have an operational budget of $5 million an episode. Given that the original won 5 Emmys across it’s two year run, if Apple can get out of Fuller’s way, this is going to be something very special.

No word on any other details yet but we’ve got our eyes on this one. We love anthologies and we’re delighted to see so many return to TV. Now, how about new The Outer Limits  next?

Thanks to The Verge for the original story.

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