The First Trailer For The New Mutants Is Here

The First Trailer For The New Mutants Is Here

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Here’s the first trailer for The New Mutants. Brace yourself.

HOLY WOW! That looks fantastic! And way darker than we were expecting it to. This is the perfect time for the X-movies to really switch up how they approach their subject matter and it’s great to see a Marvel movie look completely unlike any of it’s predecessors. This plays like a straight up horror movie and if they can commit to that tone all the way through we’re in for something very special. Plus Anna Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams in the same movie is a critical mass of talent that the world is in desperate need of.

We’ll be back  later today with a breakdown on just who is in that asylum. In the mean time, go watch the trailer again. We are.

The New Mutants will be released April 13 2018

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