Legends Of Tomorrow Will Lose A Regular Character In Season 3

Legends Of Tomorrow Will Lose A Regular Character In Season 3

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Being a Legend is hard work, and it looks like Legends of Tomorrow is about to be down a cast member. This is, of course, massively spoiler-y so if you don’t want to know then don’t scroll past the poster.

Still here? Okay, then you’ll want to know that Firestorm is about to lose a component of himself again. The mighty Victor Garber, the man who will forever be known to Alias fans as ‘Spy Dad’ is leaving the show this season. The good news is it’s not for bad reasons. Garber has been cast in the Broadway production of Hello Dolly! With Bernadette Peters. Which is great news for the cast, the production, the audiences and him but means he’s going to be hopping off the Waverider later this season.

Word is that this has been known about for a while so his character, Professor Martin Stein, will be written off the show in a manner that’s integral to the overall plot. No word, as yet, on his replacement or when he’ll leave but you have to feel just a little story for poor Firestorm. This is the second time the character has had to be partially rebuilt after Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond wasn’t able to be part of Legends and so had to be killed off. Like most Arrowverse denizens, Ronnie’s shown up since then so there’s always a chance we’ll see Stein again. Either way, maybe the next iteration will stick around as long, or longer, than Stein. Poor Jax could use some stability.

Legends of Tomorrow is on Sky 1 on Wednesdays at 8pm

Thanks to Deadline for putting the story together.

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