Pyre receives free ‘True Nightwing’ update

Pyre receives free ‘True Nightwing’ update

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Supergiant Games has released a free update for their strange and enchanting visual novel RPG mashup, Pyre.

The ‘True Nightwing’ update adds a ‘New Game +’ mode, which is unlocked after you complete the game for the first time. Reminiscent of ‘Ironman’ modes from games such as XCOM, this new campaign mode ensures every action you take in the game sticks and doesn’t allow for retries or save-scrubbing if you want to retry an event to get a different outcome.

Pyre can already be played without reaching a ‘game over’ state, but this enforces the rule so you can see different paths of the game’s wide and branching narrative.

The new game mode also starts the game on Heightened difficulty, forces you to use some of the game’s challenging Titan Stars, and also makes levelling your characters slightly harder.

Fortunately, you get access to the entire shop’s inventory from the off and can skip tutorials to get to the meat of the game. It sounds like you’ll need to be a master at the game’s basketball-esque Rites if you want to stand a chance at this new mode anyway.

Pyre is available now for PC and PS4. The True Nightwing update is already up for download on PC and is coming soon to PS4.

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