Phoenix Forgotten DVD REVIEW

Phoenix Forgotten DVD REVIEW

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Justin Barber’s directorial debut is a slickly produced affair, reminiscent of contemporary docs such as Making A Murderer. It puts a spin on the found footage format by mixing old tapes of three missing teenagers with modern-day material of a grown-up sibling (Florence Hartigan), still searching for the truth all these years later.

The trio’s disappearance in 1997 might have something to do with the lights in the sky seen around the same period – a phenomenon known since in UFO circles as ‘The Phoenix Lights’. “Luke Air Force Base is that way, but that’s not Air Force,” says Josh (Luke Spencer Roberts). “How do you know,” asks Ashley (Chelsea Lopez). “Because it’s not 2150.”

The casting helps sell the believability – everyone from the parents to the cops and the military types looks and acts the part. Unfortunately, the finale’s reveal actually undermines the dual timeline structure, as finding the footage isn’t nearly as satisfying as it should be.

Release: 18 September 2017
From: Signature Entertainment
Format: DVD
Age Rating: 15
Price (RRP): £7.99

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