Johnnie Walker whisky to release Blade Runner-styled bottle

Johnnie Walker whisky to release Blade Runner-styled bottle

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It’s only a matter of days now until the Blade Runner sequel opens in cinemas across the world and to cash in on commemorate its release, Johnnie Walker is making available a limited number of Black Label-branded whisky bottles styled in a similar design seen in the original movie in 1982.

Originally from Scotland, the distiller has roped in Denis Villeneuve to help endorse what will be called the Director’s Cut. Aside from its obvious angular design that matches Deckard’s whisky tumbler you always spot every time you watch the movie, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t think it actually appeared in the original epic – but it does, a couple of times. Or at least something similar. When Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) is sitting in Bryant’s office (M. Emmet Walsh) after being summoned by Gaff (Edward James Olmos), Bryant pours them both a shot from an almost identical bottle.

“They jumped a shuttle off-world, killed the crew and passengers. We found the shuttle drifting off the coast two weeks ago, so we know they’re around,” Bryant explains.

According to the promotional blurb, “The Director’s Cut contains more than 30 malt and grain whiskies from the most renowned distilleries in the world.” Apparently, it’s also “smokier and infinitely richer” and it clocks in at 49% ABV, compared to the 40% of Black Label. So, what’s the cost of this? $90. And there are just 39,000 for the entire global allocation – 27,600 of which are going to the U.S. in only 15 states. Johnnie Walker hasn’t released any information about which states, or even when it’s actually going on sale…only “sometime in September.” Expect them to end up on eBay for $millions any day soon, minus the actual booze of course.

However, if you want the real one, be prepared to pay a lot more than 90 clams. No one really knows for sure if they were actually available to buy or custom made for the movie, with debate still raging on prop forums like the RPF or PropSummit. These pics are of fan-made reproductions.

So good luck with that. Another Blade Runner bottle of interest to collectors is the Smirnoff de Czar Special Reserve Vodka bottle, that’s seen at exactly 60 minutes into the movie when Deckard buys one from the street vendor with a patch over one eye. You could have bought one in your local liquor store in 1982, but now one – even an empty one – would cost hundreds…quite a few hundreds.

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  1. David Holmes
    28 September 2017, 12:30 David Holmes

    Can let you into a secret…the bottles WERE custom made models for the film and resolved for production post filming. We were tasked with making models of this fantastic design by a Manchester based design agency. True to say our models now reach the stars!!

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