It Siblings Take On Robotech Movie

It Siblings Take On Robotech Movie

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Robotech is one of those epochal, industry-changing anime that somehow passed the UK by. It stitched together several, not actually related at all, mecha series to create a science fiction epic that mixes Top Gun with Transformers and pop music. It’s unlike anything else you’ve seen or read and if you get the chance you should absolutely check it or one of the related series out. There’s a vast amount of it and while the continuity of what is and isn’t Robotech can be a little confusing, there are some great jumping on points. We’d particularly recommend Macross Plus, which is rightly regarded as a high watermark for the series and one of the best anime series of it’s generation. Alternately, if you want something a little more printed, Titan’s new comic take on it is pretty great too.

Now, the original series looks set to finally step across to the big screen. It’s been in development for some time but, in the wake of It, Director and Producer siblings Andy and Barbara Muschietti have it on their slate. The script is currently being worked on by Jason Fuchs who worked on Wonder Woman (yay!) and wrote Pan (Cautious yay!).

No word on release yet but let’s face it we’re overdue a giant transforming robot series that’s fun AND makes sense. More news as we hear it.


Thanks to Deadline for the story.

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