First Trailer For Red Sparrow Arrives

First Trailer For Red Sparrow Arrives

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A top secret Russian project. A school where the best and brights are taught the fine arts, culture and how to use anything as a weapon. A secret cadre of assassins sent out into the world to do the bidding of the KGB.

And no, it’s not a Black Widow movie.

Red Sparrow, adapted from the first of a trilogy of novels by Jason Matthews, takes that loose concept in what looks to be some very promising directions. Firstly, Jennifer Lawrence‘s character is an adult ballerina who, after being injured, is offered a Faustian deal by the State. She can become part of the Sparrow program and keep her and her mother alive, or face poverty and death outside it. Secondly, there are some interesting things to be pulled from that trailer. The program is obviously contemporary given the video equipment everyone’s using. It’s also, and this is really interesting, multi gender. The Sparrows include male and female officers and that’s a welcome change to the overly familiar central premise.

The pace of the trailer is interesting too. It’s all slow burn, extended shots and menace with slight flashes of violence. That seems to be a very dliberate choice, marking it out as something very different to the recent (And excellent) Atomic Blonde.

So, yes, Red Sparrow does superficially look and play a lot like the Black Widow movie we should have had a decade ago but puts some welcome twists on the idea. Plus with Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeremy Irons and Joely Richardson in the cast, and Francis Lawrence, who directed three of The Hunger Games movies, behind the camera, it’s got some major talent involved.

Red Sparrow will be released in the US on 2 March. No word on a UK date yet.

Thanks to Variety for the story and link.

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