Star Trek: Discovery new trailer and lots of little bits of info

Star Trek: Discovery new trailer and lots of little bits of info

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Marvel and DC usually own San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars has been able to throw its weight about a bit in recent years, but aside from the new Justice League trailer, this year it’s safe to say most people were waiting for the Star Trek: Discovery panel and new trailer reveal.

And they weren’t disappointed.

Sadly, it wasn’t an all-out Hall H affair – perhaps that’s reserved for movies only, but arguably the second largest single room at the San Diego Exhibition Center, Ballroom 20, was positively jam-packed with fans foaming at the mouth to get a glimpse of the cast and learn a few more tidbits about the new show. We assume Adam Savage wasn’t there.

Rapp announced that Wilson Cruz will play the love interest of his character, Lt. Paul Stamets..and Rainn Wilson summed up the Grand Debate quite nicely, “Well, Star Trek is just better,” he said.

Cast members on hand included (top, left to right): Mary Wiseman; James Frain; Anthony Rapp; Executive Producer, Alex Kurtzman; Executive Producer, Gretchen J. Berg; Rainn Wilson; Executive Producer, Akiva Goldsman; Executive Producer, Heather Kadin; (bottom, left to right): Jason Isaacs; Shazad Latif; Sonequa Martin-Green; Doug Jones; Executive Producer, Aaron Harberts.

A number of very interesting bits of info came to light during the panel. For instance, Alex Kurtzman revealed that there are raging debates “daily” about the importance of canon in writers room, so we’re pleased to hear that. Berg confirmed that the Klingons will speak… Klingon, adding that viewers will see subtitles on their screens, which is awesome. Jones laughed about having hooved feet as a Kelpien, which meant that he must walk awkwardly on set to look appropriately alien.

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the panel, rumor has it, to address the issue of varying stages of Klingon appearance, different ‘houses’, like in Dune – So, House Worf or House Korrd, for instance, will each have slightly different stages of head ridge development, to suggest that these Klingon houses evolved, or changed, at different speeds, but ultimately ending up the same. If it’s true, it’s a really nice way of slotting neatly into Star Trek canon.

In fact, that particular rumour has been mentioned a few times online…

“As for the Klingons, the producers have hinted that they’ll be a major part of Discovery and that their appearance will change depending on which house they belong

“In the different versions of Trek, the Klingons have never been completely consistent. We will introduce several different houses with different styles. Hopefully, fans will become more invested in the characters than worried about the redesign.” SyFy

So, that seems like an ingenious way of getting around the whole TOS-to-modern-day Klingon appearance issue.

Another rumor is that Jason Isaacs’ character is a very non-typical starship captain with a deep southern accent – something we saw him do in Black Hawk Down – who is all about going in guns blazing and destroying the enemy. We haven’t got to see much of him yet and there’s only a fleeting glimpse in the new trailer. Star Trek Discovery is currently filming in TV studios in Toronto, just off Lake Shore Blvd E, under the tightest of security.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut September 24 on CBS All Access in the US and Space Channel in Canada. The series will premiere on Netflix in the rest of the world on September 25.

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