Outpost #31 is planning a 40th Anniversary trip to The Thing Location

Outpost #31 is planning a 40th Anniversary trip to The Thing Location

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The 40th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s The Thing rolls around on 25 June 2022 and hardcore fans now have an amazing way to celebrate it.

Fan website Outpost #31 is planning a group trip to Stewart, British Columbia in Canada to visit the filming location and mark the occasion properly. The proposed dates of the trip are 23-26 June 2022.

Plans include spending a night (or two) camping out at Outpost #31, complete with bonfire and a viewing of the movie literally ‘on location’, synched live with fans around the world! A steel plaque marking the Outpost #31 site and its filming location will also be placed to serve as a memorial for Steve Crawford, one of the superfans from the Outpost #31 website who originally tracked down the location.

According to Crawford and Todd Cameron, who made that trip together, the scattered remains of the Outpost #31 camp set and wreckage of the Norwegian helicopter can still be found at the site.

Before you get about as carried away as we are right now, it’s important to understand this isn’t your bog standard EasyJet flight abroad. As the site states, you will need:

  • A valid passport (even Canadians require this, as the Outpost #31 site lies on Canadian soil but is only accessible by travelling through Alaska)
  • Flight to Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Airfare/transportation from Vancouver to Terrace, BC
  • Vehicle rental in Terrace for 2-4 days
  • 2-4 nights accommodation in Stewart or Hyder
  • Return airfare/transportation from Terrace to Vancouver
  • Return airfare/transportation from Vancouver back home
  • Food, travel/misc expenses, etc. for the duration of the trip.

Still, there’s five years to plan before then!

Directions are posted on the site, but Outpost #31’s owners suggest: “If you are planning to go solo we highly recommend you contact us first as the site is tricky to find and inaccessible from Nov thru May.”



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