Nestle to open new Kit Kat factory in Japan

Nestle to open new Kit Kat factory in Japan

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You might have noticed the wide variety of Japanese Kit Kat flavours sold by some stalls when at conventions, ranging from Raspberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Matcha Green Tea and Apple. Then there are the slightly more unusual flavours, such as Wasabi, Red Bean, Sake, Sweet Potato, and Rum & Raisin.

According to Bloomberg, the boom in exotic flavours are proving a hit with tourists, for in the last four years there has been a continued rise in the amount they’re spending on confectionery in Japan. 2016 saw the figure reach $1.2 billion (£922 million). In order to cope with the demand for different flavours, Nestle will build its first Kit Kat factory in 26 years. A second factory will be built in the western city of Himeji from August, specifically catered to producing the more extravagant versions of Kit Kat.

Kit Kat Chocolatory in Tokyo’s Ginza district

Japan also has a number of Kit Kat Chocolatary stores, which can often have long queues during the weekend. The stores sell gift boxes as well as some of the more rare and high end flavours that would be produced in the new factory. Gift boxes of Kit Kat’s Single Finger Sublime range can cost as much as ¥3,500 (around $31 / £24).

Just recently, Nestle unveiled the Gateau Mignon Kit Kat – a Kit Kat cake with a fondant filling. Available in a box of three for ¥1,458 ($13 / £10) or a box of six for ¥2,916 ($26 / £20), it can only be purchased at the Kit Kat Chocolatory store in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

Kit Kat Gateau Mignon

Kit Kat Gateau Mignon

Kit Kat’s popularity in Japan came about due to how much it sounds like “kitto katsu” – “you will surely win”. The snacks have since became frequent good luck presents, particularly for people who are about to sit exams.

Do you have a favourite flavour of Kit Kat?

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