Wonder Woman cast member Eugene Brave Rock reveals true nature of his character

Wonder Woman cast member Eugene Brave Rock reveals true nature of his character

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If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet you really should. It’s not only the best blockbuster so far this year by a decent margin but it’s a film defined by an unusual, and immensely welcome, under current of compassion, hope and inclusiveness. And it’s now come out, it’s also a film that features more than one god.

Eugene Brave Rock is a standout cast member as Chief, Steve Trevor’s smuggler contact and a Native American. Brave Rock has already talked about how Patty Jenkins let him steer the look and approach of the character and that’s a massive plus for the film. But what now emerges is even more interesting.

Chief is Napi, a trickster demi god and the culture hero of the Blackfoot tribe. His background is fascinating and absolutely speaks to his presence in the movie. Napi is chaotic, unpredictable, someone who embodies the idea the natural world can’t be controlled. No wonder he sells to both Armies.

What’s amazing is that this wasn’t improvised. Brave Rock has made it clear that Napi is written, in the script, as a Blackfoot demi-god. That puts Diana’s entire interaction with him in a very different light and gives their relationship a very different tone. It’s fascinating and subtle and oddly sweet and is just another arrow in this movie’s endless quiver of great choices.

And of course that means we have to go and see it again now.

Thanks to io9 for the heads up and for chatting to Brave Rock.

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