Secret World Legends free-to-play MMO reboot launches today

Secret World Legends free-to-play MMO reboot launches today

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Funcom’s reworked pulp horror MMORPG goes live today as a free-to-play PC title under the new moniker Secret World: Legends.

The Secret World originally launched in 2012 as a subscription-based MMO that threw you into a world where all myths, legends and monsters were true. You played as a member of one of three secret organisations whose job was to travel the globe, fight against all manner of horrors and send them back to the darkness.

At the time it drew a lot of critical attention for its emphasis on storytelling, which was supported by some excellent writing and an experimental quest design that involved more puzzle-solving and investigation. It was, however, a flawed game. The Secret World did not impress visually and a lot of the game’s mechanics, including combat, were considered wonky and unintuitive.

Secret World Legends is an attempt to rectify a lot of those weaker aspects and open up the game to a whole new audience. It’s great news because if you could look past some of the issues there was a fascinating and unique game on offer.

If you’re interested in checking out the new version of the game you can head over to the Secret World Legends site and start downloading the game client now.

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