Pokémon Go update to add co-op Raid Battles

Pokémon Go update to add co-op Raid Battles

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Prepare your portable chargers because it looks like there’s a reason to catch ’em all again thanks to a new update to Pokémon Go.

Revamped Gyms are the first new addition and provide a range of new features. First up, they now distribute items much in the same way as a Pokéstop would – by furiously spinning the photo disc on screen. You can now also receive Gym Badges to track your achievements and increase the rewards you receive from these locations.

There are also changes to the way your Pokémon defend each Gym as they can now become demoralised with each loss in battle and take a CP hit. Fortunately, your teammates can perk them up again with Berries – long known as the natural counter to a lack of enthusiasm.

The second major new feature is Raid Battles. These co-op adventures might not quite rival the toughest challenges of downing Ragnaros or Alexander in other MMOs, but sound like an exciting addition to Pokémon Go.

You’ll be able to team up with friends to tackle unique encounters against some extremely tough Pokémon that have taken over nearby Gyms. You’ll receive sweet loot – because of course, it is a raid boss after all – and a chance to catch rare Pokémon.

Part one of the update featuring reworked Gyms is available now. Raid Battles will be added in a future update over the coming weeks.

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