Omega Quintet: PC game PREVIEW

Omega Quintet: PC game PREVIEW

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Following a previous announcement that Lost Dimension will be coming to PC, Ghostlight continues to mine the back catalogues and will also release Omega Quintet, Idea Factory’s hybrid JRPG/idol simulation game, on PC later this year. Already available for the PlayStation 4, Ghostlight is attempting to create the best PC version possible, offering full mouse, keyboard and controller support, as well as multiple screen resolutions, cloud saving and Steam Achievements.

Colourful battle graphics are plentiful.

Translating the game’s battle system will be key, as its mix of strategy and turn-based action was easily accessible to newcomers on the PS4. Once again players will become a Verse Maiden, battling bizarre creatures known as the Blare as they combine magical attacks, melee abilities and more to blow away the competition.

While the technical aspects will need to be taken care of, there’s no word if improvements will be made to the game itself. Because while Omega Quintet’s original release was flashy, it was lacking in substance and engaging content. Previewed by Octavia Wolton

Coordinating moves with your teammates is the key to winning battles.

Developer: Compile Heart
Publisher: Ghostlight
Release: 2017
Formats: PC

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