Cowboy Bebop live-action remake heading to US TV

Cowboy Bebop live-action remake heading to US TV

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We’ve been humming this ever since the news broke so we figured we’d share the joy.


Cowboy Bebop ran for 26 episodes and remains an undisputed classic of modern anime. Set in the distant future, it sees humanity spread out among the stars. But even out in space, someone’s got to bring the criminals in and get paid, and look great, doing it.

Enter stage left and possibly on fire, the crew of the Bebop. These guys.

Spike Spiegel (bottom left) and Jet Black (middle) are partners. Spike’s a con artist, Jet’s a former cop. Together with amnesiac con artist Faye Valentine (top left), Ed Wong a genius hacker (bottom right) and Ein, a dog (the dog), they travel Earth’s colonies collecting bounties. And bickering. And making colossal mistakes. Also there are spaceships.

If you’ve ever seen or loved Firefly, Leverage, White Collar, Defiance or a dozen other shows and you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve seen it, watch it again, we are. Especially as word comes to us via Deadline of a US live-action remake in the works. Instead of the oft mooted movie this would be a TV show and crucially, one with the official blessing of Sunrise, the studio behind the original show.

The US company behind the new version, Tomorrow Studios, is also working on the TV version of Snowpiercerso it’s clearly serious about getting prestige projects like this right. No word on cast or crew yet besides Chris Yost, who wrote both Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, coming aboard to write the pilot.

More news as we get it. And yes, we’re going to go listen to the theme tune again too.

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