Blizzard Release Trailer For New Overwatch Level

Blizzard Release Trailer For New Overwatch Level

0 comments 📅01 June 2017, 16:00

And it’s one small step for Winston, one giant leap for Overwatch!

Sorry, we had to.

The new level will, as you see, take players to the Horizon Lunar Colony where Winston grew up. It’s an assault level, where characters must fight to hold specific points while also searching for clues about what happened to the base. Clues that, judging by that very interesting status board at 1:19 may be on display in the trailer too…

Word is the level will be under lunar gravity too which should be great fun. Also do check out Blizzard’s site as their in-world background for the game is as fun as ever. No word on when the level will be live quite yet but judging by what we see here, it’ll be worth the wait.

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