After the Storm FILM REVIEW

After the Storm FILM REVIEW

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Hirokazu Koreeda’s latest film is an intimate portrayal of family life at the brink of collapse – a genre he’s renowned for. Ryota Shinoda (Hiroshi Abe) was once a literary sensation but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at him. Working as a private detective and trying desperately to follow up on his one-hit-wonder, he’s anxious and haggard, sporting a permanent five o’clock shadow as he spends all his money gambling rather than on his son’s child support.

He’s become the bane of his family’s existence – for everyone except his mother – so when he decides to come back to town it’s no wonder that tensions start to rise.

Ryota’s sister is at her wits end with his pleas for cash, while his ex-wife Shiraishi (Yoko Maki) just wants to move on and make the best life for their son. Confined to a small Japanese town and made to confront each other in suffocating conditions, even if they wanted to avoid their problems they can’t. This is especially true when a raging typhoon traps Ryota in his mother’s apartment with his ex-wife and son.

After the Storm is one of Koreeda’s sturdier family dramas, not only because of its well-rounded story but also thanks to its excellent cast. Abe is particularly impressive in the lead role; somehow making his character likeable despite his flaws, as he pleads for his life to return to the way it was.

Released: Out Now
From: Arrow Films
Format: Theatrical Release
Age Rating: PG

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