Catherine Tate: “I’ve never seen Star Wars.”

Catherine Tate: “I’ve never seen Star Wars.”

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It started with a simple mistake. An MCM London Comic Con audience member called Zack got up to ask Catherine Tate a very funny question, but was wrongly identified as a Jedi – his D&D cosplay having a touch of the Obi-Wan about it. Tate signed off her answer with this statement: “May the force be with you Zack. Oh no, you’re Dungeons & Dragons. That’s a shame because may the force be with you is the only thing I know from any sci-fi film.”

But it didn’t stop there. “Is this a bad thing to say – it probably is but I’m going to take my chance – I’ve never seen Star Wars.”

Following gasps and a low grumble from the audience, Tate quipped: “Oooh, look at ’em turn. Oooh, unclean. It’s alright, there is a life outside Star Wars.” Her response got a big laugh from the audience.

That’s in direct contrast to what we heard Scott Adkins say yesterday: he’s a big fan. Asked if there was a big franchise he’d got his eye on (Bond, Star Wars, Fast & Furious), he replied: “I’d love to be in Star Wars. Can you imagine that?”

When it was suggested he should get fellow MCM London Comic Con attendee Warwick Davis to put a good word in for him, he joked: “I’ll get him round the scruff of the neck. Oi Warwick! Who’ve I got to talk to?”

“You’re bringing over people from the other side of the world? I live in Birmingham, and you’re filming it in Pinewood and Shepperton. Come on. Where’s the phone call?”

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