New Warriors TV Show Ordered Straight To Series

New Warriors TV Show Ordered Straight To Series

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We really want to do sensible analysis here but mostly we’re running around making excited squirrel noises. Freeform, who already have the Cloak and Dagger TV show on deck for 2018 have just ordered a New Warriors show! Straight to series!

The Hollywood Reporter have the details but here’s what we know: there’ll be ten episodes and it’ll launch in 2018 as a comedy. Kevin Biegel, best known for Scrubs and Cougar Town, is close to signing on to write the pilot and run the show and it’ll focus on the New Warriors. A young team of inexperienced and very enthusiastic superheroes. They’re young, desperate to make a difference and hitting that period in your life where every decision is vital.

And one of them is SQUIRREL GIRL!

Doreen Green has been a beloved character for years and her current comic series is just brilliant. Doreen has squirrel powers. And a squirrel sidekick. She’s also got absolute faith in herself and others and is a natural born leader whose positive attitude, and army of squirrels, always helps save the day. . She’s a great character and it makes perfect sense for her to be in the spotlight here. Hopefully Namorita, Night Thrasher, Speedball and their colleagues will be folded into the show too.

This is wonderful news for all sorts of reasons. These characters are great fun, Marvel are overdue a sitcom and we’re really interested to see how having an actual comedy in the stable changes the sometimes overly comedic tone of the movies. Plus, it’s Squirrel Girl. ON TV. Eats nuts, kicks butts, stars in her own TV show. It’s good to be Doreen Green. And it’s going to be great to see her brought to life.

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