New Trailer For Annabelle: Creation

New Trailer For Annabelle: Creation

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There are a few names that are on our ‘No, Go See This Regardless Of What It Is’ list. Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto are two of those names. They’re also the adult presence in new The Conjuring prequel…prequel, Annabelle: Creation as shown at CinemaCon and, thanks to Deadline, online.

We have a lot of time for basically any horror movie James Wan cares to put his name to at this point and this is no exception. The tragic, dust bowl gothic origin hinted at here is a perfect choice and we love that LaPaglia and Otto’s characters have a very understandable, even sympathetic reason for doing what they’re doing. Even better, the child cast look absolutely rock solid and the scares seem to be a nice combination of menace and ‘BOO!’ They even manage to make that intensely annoying ‘Here’s an introduction to the trailer!’ thing everyone’s doing now witty and fun.
Annabelle: Creation is out 11 August. Prepare to lock all your dolls away then.

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