Lucifer Producer Talks New Season, New Location And Four Stand-Alone Episodes

Lucifer Producer Talks New Season, New Location And Four Stand-Alone Episodes

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Lucifer has quietly become one of the most interesting, and fun, shows on right now. Its combination of in-depth character, usually pretty light and fluffy police procedural stuff and Tom Ellis not so much stealing the show as buying it for a song and selling it back to you, makes it quite unlike anything else on TV right now. We’re still holding out for a cameo from the Winchester boys or John Constantine but for now, Lucifer and his increasingly interesting supporting cast will do just fine.

Especially as the second season has become a success story in a very unusual way. After setting up a story arc, the producers were told they’d been granted an additional four episodes. As Deadline report, during a Wondercon appearance over the weekend this was brought up and EP executive producers  Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich revealed the innovative solution they came up with.

“We were worried that we were going to have to sort of pad our arc that we had so carefully, lovingly constructed, but they actually said instead, let’s do four stand-alone episodes that can go anywhere,” Modrovich chimed in. “At first we went, ‘What? We’re a serialized show—that’s bananas.’ But we’ve had so much fun thinking about shows that we love, like X-Files, and some of the stand-alone episodes were our favorites.”

The four stand-alone episodes will be moved to season 3 and will focus on individual characters while also pushing the plot along. This is a fantastic idea, that njot only makes the writer’s room’s job easier in season 3 but gives the show a chance to stretch its wings a bit. It’s a fun interview too, and yes, they do want to do a musical episode.

Oh and here’s a trailer for the Spring premiere.

Lucifer returns (not in that way!) on 1 May

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