BBC Confirm Massive Doctor Who Spoiler

BBC Confirm Massive Doctor Who Spoiler

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We toyed with so many ways to do this. Headlines like:

-You Know WHO Is Back!

-Simms Like Someone’s Home!

And so many more. We know this is all over the net, and we’ll have a more detailed look at it tomorrow but for now, here’s the news. Hidden under this picture of 10 and Donna looking confused (we hope. We’re really sorry if the Featured Image on this was a spoiler but…well…it is everywhere). Last chance to look away.

Ready? Yep. Here we go.

Darkest Timeline Sam Tyler is BACK, BABY!

Newsbeat confirmed earlier today that the John Simm version of The Master is back in episode 2 of the new series. Even more intriguing he will reportedly battle the Doctor alongside Missy.

This is profoundly weird news and we’re pretty sure it’s very good news. Simm is a fantastic performer and we’re hopeful that the Master seeing just how flat out awesome his next (?) regeneration is should be an awful lot of fun. More thoughts tomorrow.

Doctor Who is back on 15 April


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