12 Things To Look Out For In The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

12 Things To Look Out For In The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

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In the never-ending game of three-card find-the-twist that is trailer construction these days, nothing is certain. Remember that Jyn vs the TIE fighter shot from Rogue One? Just for the trailer. Remember the “BRAAAAAHM” noise from Inception? Us too that was GREAT.

The new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer hit earlier today and it looks great fun. It also, pleasingly, drops some fairly chunky hints about the structure of the movie. So, we’ve taken a look at what we can deduce from it and the results are below. These are, remember, Schrodinger’s Spoilers. They may or may not be correct but we had fun finding them.

1 The Cap Cameo

Firstly, this is hilarious and exactly the sort of mildly cheesy thing you’d expect Steve to jump at. Secondly, and this is what impresses us, look at the uniform. That’s the Avengers Assemble gear. Meaning he recorded this sometime between the first and second movie, newly connected with the world and happy to do what he could to help folks out. That’s a really nuanced, smart character beat for a throwaway gag.

2 Peter’s Classmates

Given the never-ending parade of depressing casting choices we sometimes seem to live through, this shot made us so happy. Look at the wildly different body shapes there. Look at how many ethnicities there are. Look at the fact Michelle (Zendaya) IS READING OF HUMAN BONDAGE IN PE CLASS. They’re not even dressed the same! This is GREAT! This actually looks like a school PE class, not a cast list in workout gear. And again, a throwaway scene is used to drive a character beat.

3 Ned is Awesome

If we’re honest, the one thing that worries us is the possibility of Ned being a cheap joke with dialogue. This shot doesn’t fully reassure us but Jacob Batalon is great and there’s one thing here we really like. Look closely and you’ll see it’s not that the mask doesn’t fit because he’s overweight but because he’s BIG. That’s a subtle distinction and one that we hope the movie runs with.

4 Item 47 Lives Forever In Our Hearts

One of the really sad things about the apparent movie/TV divide at Marvel these days is that we never got a follow-up to the magnificent Article 47 one-shot. That involved a couple using recovered Chitauri tech for their own, endearingly incompetent crime spree. Homecoming seems to involve New York’s criminals reacting to the increased level of technology in the world by, well…stealing it. A lot. Look at the blue energy here and later in the Washington Monument sequence. It’s clearly the same tech or something very close. And hi, Donald Glover! Whose role remains mysterious and as a result may be pivotal!

5 The Vulture Suits Up

We grabbed a lot of shots of The Vulture because he looks amazing. This sequence is especially interesting given how he clearly calls the wings to him. Plus we love that the character’s signature ruff has been folded into Michael Keaton’s look with what seems to be a flight jacket. Very nicely done.

6 The Vulture At War

You get a much better look here. Look too at the beak motif of the face plate. Also it’s interesting that this Vulture seems to be picking up on and re-using existing tech. He’s an opportunist, a scavenger and as a result actually earns his name. Plus he’s definitely presented here as the leader of a group, implying Peter’s going to be getting a whole rogues’ gallery all at once. And none of them are James Franco on a hoverboard! Win!

7 Ferry Attack

We have no idea if this is entirely real, partially CGI or exists only on a render farm in Burbank. We do know that this is a really smart way to present action and one the movie looks to be focusing on. Big scale destruction but a constantly present element of human danger. Peter, after all, is one of the hardest working people in the Marvel universe and also one of the least lucky. And based on this scene he’s going to have his work cut out for him.

8 Tony Lends A Hand

Iron Drones! Iron Drones! Friendly neighbourhood Iron Drones! Also is it just us or does that suit look a little unfinished? There seems to be a lot of exposed metal on it. And is it the same one we see Tony Wearing in the flyover shot with Peter?

9 You Remind Me Of Me. Don’t Do That

If there’s a criticism that could be fairly levelled here, it’s that this really does seem to be a Spider-Man/Iron Man team-up movie. That being said, the idea of exploring Tony’s arc further through a younger hero who he wants to both mentor and simultaneously rescue from becoming him has a lot of potential. Plus, as we said earlier, Peter is always down on his luck and overworked. Getting the suit taken away just emphasises that.

10 This Does Not Look Good

And speaking of getting the suit taken away…We’re pretty certain that Peter and the Vulture are on opposite arcs here. As Vulture gears up, Peter gears down and the face he’s clearly being suspended by the hood of his hoodie here seems to prove that. Plus absolute top marks for making Vulture this huge and physically imposing.

11 Low-Tech Hero

Here’s a better look at what seems to be Peter’s second costume in the movie. Those… those appear to be football socks. That is definitely a hoodie and absolutely a pair of goggles. And fingerless gloves too?! Poor kid.

12 Back In Business

This beauty pass is set up to look like it’s early in the movie but we’re not buying it. Given the fondness for slipping the final shot of a movie into trailers these days (we especially liked The Winter Soldier where they used an alternate take), we’re 90% certain this is the final shot of the movie. Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and his PTSD-riddled hyper-nerd mentor, racing off to do battle and looking good doing it. And we can’t WAIT.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out on 7 July.


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