Power Rangers Cast Push For Major Female Role In Sequel

Power Rangers Cast Push For Major Female Role In Sequel

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Power Rangers hit theatres last weekend and early box office reports suggest it’s going to be a solid hit. The studio are certainly very happy, to the extent that a six-movie (Gypsy Danger cameo in movie six or we riot!) long arc is already in the planning stages to follow it it up. Better still, anyone who’s seen the movie knows that a pretty massive hint about what’s next gets dropped mid-credits. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t scroll past the photo below poster below.

Still here, great!

So it’s going to be the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver. The Green Ranger has become one of the cornerstones of the series’ vast, labyrinthine and surprisingly well done continuity and the story that introduces him is legitimately one of the show’s finest hours. Brainwashed into becoming a rival to the team, Tommy Oliver hits rock bottom before becoming one of the greatest Power Rangers in history. The Green Ranger changes the team dynamic, expands the world and raises the stakes. It’s a perfect choice for a sequel.

And, as the cast themselves have pointed out, it makes perfect sense for the Green Ranger to not be a guy. Star Dacre Montgomery spoke to THR on the subject.

“A lot of the cast and I have discussed that we think it should be a girl. It makes it even: three girls, three boys.”

He also touched on the nature of the Green Ranger tease, where we see a jacket but not it’s owner.

“It’s left blank. It’s a cliff-hanger. Whoever you’re going to drop into that position — whether it’s a girl — it’s inevitably going to create drama. It’ll be interesting to drop that drama into it and see how we all relate to it and work with it,” says the star.

We couldn’t agree more. The Green Ranger is a major figure in Power Rangers lore and having her be female would bring a welcome and different spin to the story as well as sending a powerful message; geek culture is for everyone.

In fact, we even have some dream casting. Jessica Henwick. The Game Of Thrones alumni is very nearly the only part of Iron Fist’s first season that works. She’s got the presence, she’s got the martial skills and she’s a little older than the leads in Power Rangers which would in turn give Tommy (or perhaps Tommi) a slight John Bender from The Breakfast Club vibe. She’d be perfect for the role and she’s just one of a wave of upcoming actresses with the ability, and martial skill, to do a great job. Here’s hoping she, or someone as good, gets the role and the studio listens to the cast. After all, they DID just save the world. That has to count for something right?


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