Supergirl S02E03 “Welcome To Earth” REVIEW

Supergirl S02E03 “Welcome To Earth” REVIEW

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Supergirl S02E3 “Welcome To Earth” REVIEW


stars 3.5
Airing in the UK on Sky 1, new episodes every Monday
Writers: Jessica Queller, Derek Simon
Director: Rachel Talalay

Essential Plot Points:

  • Now awake, the mysterious Kryptonian visitor attacks Kara and runs away.
  • James is now the leader of CatCo, and is already butting heads with Snapper who wants to change how things are done at the company, and is also undermining James’s authority.
  • Kara meets the president of the United States, a woman that is standing up for all rights, regardless of country. Someone is trying to attack the President, but Kara protects her from the foe.
  • Kara’s first reporting job is with Lena Luthor, to talk about her opinion on the President’s Alien Amnesty Act. Lena then shows Kara a new product that can determine who is an alien and who is not using a skin test.
  • Winn tracks down the missing alien, and Alex and members of the DEO set off to find him. Detective Maggie Sawyer is there rather than the alien though.
  • Kara is still struggling to deal with Snapper Karr, who wants her to report facts rather than be a biased reporter.
  • Alex meets Detective Sawyer, who takes her out for a drink at a bar where aliens hang out in as a safe haven.
  • The mysterious alien is trying to contact Daxam, a planet that shared the same sun as Krypton, so Kara goes to where he is hiding. Kara takes him to the DEO and proceeds to question him, the pair argue with each other since their planets didn’t get along.
  • Kara and Lena spend some time bonding, and Kara starts to realise that she does agree with some of the things that she believes.
  • With their believed perpetrator behind bars, the President starts to sign her Amnesty Alliance but another alien decides to attack the President. The alien kidnaps Detective Sawyer.
  • Kara fights with the alien while Alex gets Detective Sawyer to safety.
  • James and Snapper work out an amnesty together after James shows him who’s boss.
  • Kara goes to the Daxamite, apologising to him for assuming he was trying to kill the President because of her prejudiced views of Daxam. Kara tells Mon-el that his home planet has been destroyed, just like hers.
  • J’onn is not the only Martian: M’gann M’orzz reveals herself after they meet at the alien safe haven.



Superman may be gone but that doesn’t mean that Supergirl has lost any of its charm in its latest episode. This week Supergirl tackles the sensitive issue of alien immigration and discrimination on Earth, and it proves to be a topic that really hits home for Kara as she is forced to comes to terms with her own prejudices about another character.

Now prejudice is something that one wouldn’t expect of the hero of National City, but when Mon-el’s Daxamite nationality is revealed we see another side of Kara. Daxam shared a sun with Krypton, and both planets thought the worst of each other particularly that it was the other planet that started their endless war. Given all the stories she heard about the planet’s population when she was on Daxam Kara is instantly biased. When someone targets the President of the United States during her visit to National City, Supergirl can’t help but think that Mon-el is the one responsible.

It’s a hard-hitting road for this episode to take but it is an important topic, especially when juxtaposed against the Alien Amnesty Agreement that the President wants to push forward. With Superman back in Metropolis, how the series would fill in the space left by him was a worry. Luckily there are a number of new characters introduced this episode, and some special guest stars. The President is played by original TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, and it’s nice to see Supergirl refer back to the former DC television shows.


Another interesting addition to the line-up was Detective Maggie Sawyer, a no-nonsense cop who knows all about aliens and who seems determined to get involved with the DEO this episode. While the episode would have probably been fine without her, Detective Sawyer is a great addition to the cast. Not only because she introduces Alex, and us, to the world that aliens live in on Earth, but also because there’s a lot of potential for her character as the series goes on. She and Alex make a great team, so it would be interesting to see how their relationship develops.

One thing that hasn’t really changed between the first and second season is the lack of a strong villain. While Scorcher was introduced this episode she just seems to fade into the background as yet another unmemorable adversary. The series may be getting ready for Cadmus to be fully introduced soon, but it would be nice if the people that Kara has to defeat weren’t so one-dimensional. It’s easy to dismiss Scorcher given her unclear motives, and with a bit more depth to her character could have highlighted some interesting comparisons between her dilemma and Kara’s.

Speaking of which, this episode we finally get introduced to Mon-el. The Daxamite and Kara have great chemistry together; they easily bounce off the other when they talk. While things don’t get off to a good start, Kara does realise her mistake and tries to fix things. Whether Mon-el will become a love interest for Kara or her new partner is yet to be seen, but at least the pair have been able to settle their differences and realise that their bias against each other was pointless.

The Good:


  • Lynda Carter was a great special guest this week as the President of the United States, although there may be more to her than meets the eye.
  • Kara and Mon-el’s interactions were interesting, especially since it illustrates the topic highlighted in the episode of welcoming all citizens regardless of home planet. While Kara was particularly biased to begin with, she learnt the error of her ways and it will be nice to see how their relationship develops.
  • Detective Maggie Sawyer was a good addition to the cast, mainly because of the potential of her partnership with Alex. Let’s see how that goes.

The Bad:


  • Scorcher was yet another forgettable villain. It would be nice if there could be some character given to the bad guys in future episodes otherwise they just all seem the same.
  • Anyone else feel like the CatCo storyline is getting a little lost?

And the Random:

  • M’gann M’orzz, who was introduced at the end of the episode, was first seen in DC comics in 2006 as part of the Teen Titans franchise. She is also known as Miss Martian.

Review by Roxy Simons



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