K-pop Go!: Introducing 24K

K-pop Go!: Introducing 24K

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Within the K-pop scene there is always some form of fight to be the next top idol group. Sadly songs become monotonous and uniqueness is somewhat sparse within the realms of what’s on offer musically, mainly due to the constraints of a specific style or concept. But this is where 24K have mixed things up within the K-pop industry, and where the boy group have become a breath of fresh air for K-pop music fans.

Consisting of Cory, Kisu, Jeonguk, Hui, Changsun, Jinhong, Hongseob and the two members Daeil and Sungoh (both of whom are on hiatus for a while), the group debuted under Choeun Entertainment. In June of 2012 the four vocalists of 24K (Cory, Kisu, Seokjune and Sungoh) produced their first music video under the name 4K, with the release of “Rocking Girl” showcasing their acoustic-pop style and perfect harmonising. A few weeks later and in a follow up to their previous song, 4K released “Bye Bye Bye“, which felt like a modern day Beatles song with extremely powerful vocals and an uplifting fun beat. Taking things down a notch and coming across as a ‘Jack of all trades’ as vocalists, 4K released “Moonlight Sonata“. With heartstring pulling vocals and the soft tear jerking piano piece in the background, as far as classical Korean ballads go, this song has it all.


Fast forward to August of 2012, and the introduction of 24K as a full blown K-pop dance group came with the presentation of the first Official Dance Teaser for the newly formed group. It is obvious by the time the Dubstep & Drift Teaser comes out that the days of smooth vocals are gone, and in its place is something a little more on edge. The teasers continued to introduce new elements and members of the group without giving too much away, and this was no exception with the release of Drama & Action. When September rolled, the hype for the newly formed group meant that expectations for great dancing skills and vocals were pretty high. Luckily for the rookie group, fans were impressed with their first full group release of “Hurry Up“. The song is powerful, aggressive, and even in today’s K-pop scene, it has that classic Korean pop sound and choreography.

A personal favourite video of 24K is their comical video released around the same time as Psy’s Gangnam Style craze, as the members dance along to Koyote’sGenuine” song, recreating the horse dance, proving that there was personality behind the serious idol image they had portrayed so far. In November 2012 a behind the scenes styled music video was released of the members interacting with fans and showing a bit more of their individual personalities with the ballad-pop song “Secret Love“.


In the beginning of 2013 the group was busy with promotions, getting ready for their second mini album with the release of “U R So Cute” in July. The song not only created a cute setting for their music video (where they act as different plush cats waiting to be picked by the leading lady), but it also showed a more playful and fun side to the members whilst mixing a European house sound and keeping their choreography on point.

After a two year hiatus and some changes within the group, the boys came back in 2015 with a sleek and suave new look, followed by their new song “Hey You” which featured a mix of the K-idol hip-hop that has taken the K-pop scene by storm over the past few years. Even their choreography featured the new and hip swinging move – the “Nae Nae“. In September 2015 24K came back with a personal favourite song, “Superfly“, reminding K-pop fans that they were still a strong contender within the Korean music scene. With their overpowering music, and a complete upgrade from the typical “boy group” persona, the members went for a macho, give no cares vibe. And it worked really well.


This brings us to the latest songs by 24K, which once again change in feeling and move more into the conceptual storytelling within their music videos. In August 2016 the group released “Still 24K“, a mix of pop, electric, and rock with the music video holding a history and a story, laying the ground for their follow up release.

B.I.N.G.O” is their latest song released in October in conjunction with the release of their first full length album titled “The Real One“. Featuring an eclectic mix of rap, electric, pop, industrial and rock, the song is powerful, direct and completely addictive with its lyrics. The music video is a continuation from their previous release, but has a slightly gruesome and not as happy ending as many would think. The two conceptual storytelling music videos are also thanks to our good friends over at Zanybros, as no matter who it’s for, they manage to give some of the most thought provoking videos to some of the greatest songs.

24K will be visiting Europe on their latest world tour and will be stopping off in London on their way through. Tickets are already on sale, and any questions you have you can ask Kinetic Vibe on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Be sure to check out 24K’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Keep supporting the K-pop movement and great things will come. In the mean time, be sure to keep checking back to MYM Buzz for any updates about 24K and their European tour!

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