Supergirl Season 2: What You Need To Know

Supergirl Season 2: What You Need To Know

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Tyler Hoechlin Superman Supergirl

Supergirl ended with a bang in its first season, as an unknown visitor crash-landed in National City just after Kara had thwarted Non’s plan to enslave National City, and then the human race. A lot has been talked about with the new season, including lots of rumours, but here’s what  know about the caped crusader’s second year on screen.

Superman will make an appearance

Superman Supergirl

Superman was teased in season one – through a series of very sweet test conversations between Kara and her cousin and a brief glimpse of his boots in the final episode –  but with season two it’s time for the pair to finally team up for real. Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as the Man of Steel, and according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg Kal-el will appear in at least the first two episodes of the new season. It’s unclear yet what the two will be doing together, but images of Hoechlin in his suit have already surfaced online and from the looks of things he will be visiting Kara in National City after a bit of a preamble in Metropolis.

Wonder Woman will also make an appearance

Lynda Carter Supergirl

Well, kind of… Gal Gadot is not going to be in the series, but Lynda Carter, the 1970s Wonder Woman, will be making an appearance in the next season. She will be appearing in the show as the President of the United States, and is said to be appearing in several episodes throughout the series.

Metallo will be the series’ new villain

metallo Frederick Schmidt

Since the defeat of Non and Indigo at the end of season one there have been many questions as to who would next face-off against Supergirl. Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, that villain will be Metallo. An international assassin named John Corben, the character will be reborn as a Kryptonite-powered supervillain after sustaining injuries from a fight with Supergirl and Superman. The character will be played by newcomer Frederick Schmidt, and is set to star in at least two episodes. Given the advantage Metallo will have against Kara and Kal-el, it’s likely that he will be a powerful adversary.

Project Cadmus will feature in the new season

The genetic lab that experiments on alien prisoners was first revealed near the end of the first season, after J’onn J’onzz was almost taken to the facility when his identity was exposed to the DEO. Since Kara and Alex’s father, Jeremiah Danvers, is said to be there, it is likely that it will feature heavily in the next season. It has also been suggested that Superboy could be introduced as a part of the experiments, but nothing has been confirmed.

Mon-el is the person who crash-landed in a Kryptonite pod

After much speculation over who would be in the ship that arrived at the end of season one, the team behind Supergirl revealed at the Television Critics Association that that person is Mon-el. A Daxamite with similar powers to Kara and Kal-el, he will be played by The Vampire Diaries’ Chris Wood. Kreisberg is keeping his cards close to his chest about Mon-el, but he did say that they would be “putting their own spin on” the character.

The Flash and Supergirl will crossover again


After receiving such a spectacular response from fans and critics alike for their first team-up, it has been revealed that Barry Allen will reunite with Kara once more (or twice more depending on how involved Supergirl is with the Flash during the massive all-four-Arrowverse-shows crossover that’s happening first). At the Television Critics Association Greg Berlanti said that he intends the pair to have a musical crossover later on this year. Expressing his love of musicals, Berlanti said that he wanted to have a musical episode as so many of the actors on both shows have musical talent.

Supergirl has changed networks

The reason why this crossover, and potentially many more, will be so easy is because Supergirl has moved homes. Now a part of CW’s line-up of superhero TV shows, Supergirl joins The Flash, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow on the network. This does mean that production of the series will now take place in Vancouver, which has meant that some characters will make less of an appearance next time…

We won’t be seeing a lot of Cat


After the show’s aforementioned move to Vancouver, it was revealed that Calista Flockhart was unsure about her association with the new series because she didn’t want to move from her Los Angeles home. Following discussion with the team it was decided that Flockhart would stay on as the slick-talking Cat Grant, but with a reduced number of appearances.

Kara will have a new boss

Now that Kara has been promoted from being Cat’s assistant, Kara is set to have a new boss this season: Snapper Carr. Ian Gomez has been cast in the role, and will be a strict boss with a strong belief in freedom of the press. He is also said to be an adversary as well as a mentor to Kara.

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