Out Of The Box: Kawaii Box Review

Out Of The Box: Kawaii Box Review

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Every Lolita fashionista or fan of Japan’s cute style will love the Kawaii Box subscription service. From pastels, to cute items and even characterised food items, they have really covered the wide range of cuteness available in Japan and Korea.

Each box contains 10-12 handpicked items which are delivered straight to your door for only $17.90 (roughly £14) a month. Kawaii Box have previously shipped items from brands such as Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Gudetama), Pony Brown, Studio Ghibli, Alpacasso, Glico (Pocky), San-X (Rilakkuma), Morinaga & Company (Hi-Chew) and Kracie (Popin’ Cookin).

We were sent one of Kawaii Box’s subscriptions to review which contained 11 cute items, all of which seemed to come from Korea.


Cellphone Bracelet Phone Bumper

Now this is really clever. I am sure that most of us have had those jelly bracelets from our favourite bands, or from charities. In essence this is exactly the same thing, but features a rainbow or colours with a cats ear one side and a bow the other. However, not all is as it seems; the band can be stretched and placed around your phone, which is not only decorative, but it also protects it from knocks and bangs.


Sweet Cupcake Purse, Diamond Sparkle Gel Ink Pen, and Kiss Me Eraser Lipstick

My purse doesn’t seem to be up to the job of containing loose change, so this cute leatherette cupcake purse is ideal. Especially since it has a keychain attached, so I can attach it to my bag. The Diamond Sparkle Gel Pen is extremely pretty to look at, but even better to use. The fine tip is great for lining any artwork, but also great for using as a normal everyday pen. To accompany the pen there is the Kiss Me Eraser, which is shaped like lipstick, keeping things ultra kawaii!


Yum Food Stickers and Cute Animal Letter Set

There is nothing more cute than food stickers and a cute teddy letter set. The fact you get both in this subscription box is a huge bonus. The food stickers are puffed and feature an eclectic mix of fast food items with cute faces. On the other hand, the letter set is a pink teddy with pink envelopes, perfect for writing to your friends or pen pals.


Popsicle Plush Charm, Harajuku Key Chain, and Sunglasses Hair Pin

No Lolita is complete without a plush ice-cream or Harajuku themed key chain for their bag. Both of these are super cute in their pastel shade. They work well together or as separate items, so they are easy to coordinate. The sunglasses hair pin is made from a resin so it’s pretty sturdy as well as super cute, with an extra long hair clip on the back, great for some decora and summer co-ordinations.


Kawaii Ring Set and Cute Animal Stationary Set

The Kawaii Ring Set definitely took me back to the days where you would get goody bags when visiting a friend’s birthday party. They are a collection of children’s plastic toy rings, but on top of them are some of the cutest characters. They aren’t great to wear on your fingers as the rings are really tiny, but they are great for decorating hair clips, bags and key chains. The Cute Animal Stationary set is reliably everything you need to write or draw. With a collection of pencils, a rubber and a sharpener, you really only need a pencil case and you’re sorted. Something I liked about the pack was that it came with two lids for the pencils, so once you sharpen them you can protect them from breaking.


Kracie Dodotto Octopus Egg DIY Kit

This is a very different DIY kit compared to what I’m used to. Still needing to use water, you mix the powders up to form a thick sour liquid, but then use a suction tool that looks like an octopus to create droplets of jelly which makes the sour liquid sweet. It still had a chemical taste to it, but was very fruity.

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Impressed with the items we received, I did some working out and realised the items came up to a total value of around $60-$70 (roughly £46-£54). From looking at reviews of the previous boxes by other customers, their boxes also fall in the same category – if not a little more. So in terms of getting value for money, you get a great collection of goodies.

Kawaii Box are available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr. So pop on over to their social media sites to gather more information and to see the kawaii side of Japan and Korea.

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