Out Of The Box: Box From Japan Review

Out Of The Box: Box From Japan Review

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With Pokémon Go! being the biggest thing since sliced bread, we have been waiting for a subscription box to introduce some of the best Pokémon candies to come from Japan. It seems Box From Japan are the ones to please us.

With their base being in Spain, the team at Box From Japan work closely with their team members in Japan to bring some of the most diverse subscription boxes to hit western shores. When you open their webpage everything will be in Spanish, but don’t worry, there is an option to change the language to the one that suits you. When asked why people should consider ordering their subscription box, they replied that they are, “the biggest box on the internet with around 20 different treats every month.”

They boast connections to some of the largest supplies of candies in Japan which can guarantee their customers the newest and most original treats. Plus, their team is international, so there is always someone there to help you no matter where you are from.

To subscribe is simple. You just pick your box, the team will hand pick their items to send you (there is a different theme and style each month) and they will post the box out to you – no need to get out of the house. The difficult part is choosing which package you want to receive.

  • There is the smallest Ninja box with 5-6 items at £10.
  • The Samurai box with 10-12 items at £18, which includes a special item.
  • The Sumo box at £25 with 20-24 items, which also includes a special item and a DIY kit.

But the selections don’t stop there, as Box From Japan also offer:

  • An Iwako box, which has seven collectable shaped erasers with more than 35 different themes at just £10.
  • Ramen box, which includes four different bowls of premium Japanese ramen, with four sets of authentic Japanese chopsticks at £19.
  • The Pocky box at £22, which is a one off box with six different types of Pocky.

All boxes come with free postage and packaging.

I received the September Sumo box to try out, which consisted of 22 different items and crazy flavours. Only one of the items was one I had tried before, but of course it was a pleasure to try it again.


Cyo-Hinyarinko Icegum, Neo Fruits & Umaibo Yasai Salada

Everyone loves penguins, but these penguin ice-cold, gum balls pack a punch. The chewing gum is mixed with extra Xylitol for a softer, chewier and colder experience of mouth freshness. The Neo Fruits are a soft compressed powder sweet with ramune flavours that contain strawberry, pineapple, orange and green apple. We have tried a plethora of flavours of the Umaibo crisps; this time round we got the chance to try the garlic flavoured oversized Wotsit.


Popcorn Pikachu Butter Shouyu

One of our favourite items in the box of treats, a mix of butter and soy sauce flavoured popcorn with caramel corn flavoured corn puffs in the shape of everyone’s favourite Pokémon – Pikachu.


Suppai Lemon Ni Goyoujin

These sour chewing gums were pretty fun to eat. We shared the goodies out so everyone gets a taste and can make a collaborative review of the products, but we didn’t realise that only one of the lemon gums was sour. The one I had was soft and sweet with a lovely citrus flavour, but someone else pulled some amazing faces whilst chewing their gum. It seems that only one of the gums is super sour, so this could be a great item for some dares.


Touken Ramune

Forgive us for we didn’t recognise the character on the packaging, but we can say that the packaging for the ramune boiled sweets was super fun (and kinda cute – in the sword kinda way). Inside the outer wrapper is a cardboard box in the shape of a sword, and you even have to unsheathe the sword to get to your sweets.


Chocolate Pie

Toasted like a chocolate pie, the centre is filled with a dark bitter chocolate which is wrapped in a sweet filo pastry. Out of most of the chocolate products we have had from Japan, this is one of the better ones we have tried. It’s very more-ish.


Pokémon Gummy’s

These gummy’s are like none we have had before. They are super soft, super chewy and come in the most amazing flavours. If you mix colours and flavours together, they form a whole new flavour. If you ever get the chance to try these, we highly recommend them.


Tabekko Salada

Slightly on the weird side, these crispy textured bites are salad flavoured with an aftertaste of salt. They are crunchy and come in super cute animal shapes and would go well as a savoury snack with any soft drink.


Neko Atsume Choco Snacks

These are super cute, moist, yet crispy chocolate snacks in the shape of cats. The inside taste like caramel whilst the outside is chocolate, and the packaging is everything you ever wanted from the popular smartphone game.


Pokémon Ramune

The popular ramune sweets in Japan are out of this world with their boiled sweet expectations, but a compressed powder reality. The packaging features a different Pokémon, and with each Pokémon is a different flavour.



DIY Hanakappa To Tsukurou! Nigaoe Gummy

The idea is that you make gummy sweets from the powders that are mixed with water in a special tray. So you can make your own Hana Kappa – a popular children’s character in Japan. The only problem we found was if you fail to mix water to the exact measurement, then the gummy was too powdery and grainy, or the opposite, too watery so it wouldn’t set. Still the whole thing was very flavourful, super sweet and tasty.


Hensou Choco, Himo Himo Candy & Pokémon Chewing Gum

Can we all just relish in the fact that the lucky cat box filled with chocolate balls with changeable features is possibly the cutest packaging we have seen for a sweet? Inside are chocolate balls which are tiny enough not to taste bad, but big enough to enjoy. With the Himo Himo candy you get a strawberry and a apple flavoured string, but if you twist them together you get a grape flavoured string. Once again there is another Pokémon item, this time in sticks of fruity gum. But something that was better than the gum was the Pokémon stickers inside the packets.


Kotsubu Cart Cheese Aji & Slim Bag Chicken Ramen ST Potato

Savoury snacks from Japan are the teams absolute favourite; their flavours are intense and super tasty. These two snacks were everything we wanted. The smell and taste of the cart cheese crisps have a huge six different cheeses to taste in one serving. They are a more elaborate quaver crisp, but totally worth all the hype. As for the chicken ramen crisps, they are super thin, super crispy and made like french fries. They are also super addictive and have the whole “Once you pop, you just cant stop” flavour that allows you to eat the whole bag in one sitting. Full of chicken and soy sauce flavours, these were another winner of the whole box.

— – — – — – — – — – — – —

The delivery of the box was fast (under a week) and they came in the standard large white box, but was packed so that nothing arrived broken or in little pieces. For the price we think you get more than your money’s worth, and there is a huge variety of products to not only receive, but also to choose from.

You can follow Box From Japan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they are there to answer any questions you may have about their products, boxes, or even about any items you may have received.

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