Gotham Season 3: What We Know So Far

Gotham Season 3: What We Know So Far

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Previously On Gotham

Season two finished with the Indian Hill conspiracy revealed, its denizens let loose on Gotham, Azrael extremely blown up and Jim heading off to win back Lee. Everything’s fine, right? After all isn’t this the city of justice? The city of love? The city of peace? Where there’s not peace enough?

No, R Kelly.


This is Gotham. Things are different here. And as we’ve found out, there are some major changes coming down the pipe. Here’s a round-up of what we know so far.

The Court of Owls

The major villains of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epochal run on the Batman comic were introduced last season. This year they’re front and centre, as the a kind of combination of the Masons, the Illuminati and the Mafia. It makes sense, given how closely connected they were to Galavan and to Gotham as a whole. Plus it’s a nice nod to contemporary Bat continuity.

Other New Villains

Gotham season 3 4

Who’s this then? He’s in the trailer and might b e Killer Croc, but there’s been no official confirmation on this…

The Indian Hill jail break that Fish led at the end of season two is going to inject a lot of new talent into Gotham’s underworld. No direct word on who exactly was on the bus yet, but we know the following villains will be making appearances:

  • The Mad Hatter, whose gimmick like so many Batman villains, is in his name, is set to turn up. He’s pretty much the perfect Gotham bad guy; cheesy schtick but with a real core of evil and darkness to him. Even better he’s being played by Benedict Samuel who was so great as Morgan’s “pet” Wolf in a series of appearances on The Walking Dead. Jervis Tetch is fascinated with hats, and obsessed with the Alice novels by Lewis Carroll. He specialises in mind control and, since his comics introduction in 1948, has been a thorn in Batman’s side including a memorable appearance in the final piece of DLC for Arkham Knight.
  • Naian Gonzalez Norvind has been cast as Alice Tetch, The Mad Hatter’s sister. Alice is apparently going to be missing as the season begins and so finding her – and harnessing her powers – will be one of her brother’s major motivations.\
  • Less confirmed but looking increasingly likely is Solomon Grundy. A revenant with huge strength and a near total ability to regenerate damage Grundy has been an ambiguous, interesting figure in the comics. Usually a villain, occasionally a hero and always tragic, he’s again prime Gotham fodder. No solid confirmation on him yet but Kieran Mulcare of Jesscia Jones has been seen on set in an entirely white, very Grundy-esque, outfit.

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  • The Court of Owls, introduced last season as the power behind Hugo Strange’s magnificently bearded throne, are back in force in season three. They make this list, not the Returning Villains one, because of the Talons. The Talons are the Owls’ assassins, a legion of near-Batman level fighters who do the Court’s bidding. We get our first glimpse of one in the season three trailer and he is, of course, about to beat the crap out of the punchbag affectionately known as Alfred. Poor chap.
  • The Tweedle brothers have also been confirmed as appearing, which makes sense given how well their Alice in Wonderland gimmick meshes with the Mad Hatter’s. No word on casting yet but look for them to make an appearance as the Hatter’s designated henchpeople.
  • Meanwhile, exec producer Danny Cannon shared these pics a couple of month back. Your guess is as good as ours… (though again, with the second fella you can’t help thinking Killer Croc).

Goth3 Goth1

Returning Villains

In addition to them, the show’s heroes will have to deal with a resurgent and extremely aggressive Penguin, the near-certain war between him and his old boss Fish Mooney, the Penguin/Nygma alliance and the wave of monsters released from Indian Hill. It’s going to be a busy season. If I was Barnes? I’d maybe call in sick. And as you’ll see, he maybe should…

Gotham season 3 5

  • Fish Mooney is back on the streets and wreaking havoc.
  • Butch is back! Being awesome!
  • Judging by the season three trailer, we’ll at least see Hugo Strange once more. Although he seems to be institutionalised…
  • Also glimpsed in the season three trailer, Penguin being held aloft at an outside party. Interestingly, earlier scenes show a body being thrown on a bonfire. Is this Penguin making absolutely sure Galavan’s dead? And is he being held aloft in celebration or as the next burnt offering?
  • As the season opens, Riddler is still in Arkham and receiving care packages from his crime buddy Penguin. At a recent panel, actor Cory Michael Smith made it clear the two characters have something planned and Nygma may well not be in Arkham long…
  • Jerome is DEFINITELY coming back. Just not yet. But watch out for Jerome-esque graffiti on the streets and hints of the impact the terrifying young sociopath has had on Gotham’s underworld. Also, honestly, we’d put even odds on him making an appearance either mid-season or in the closing seconds of the finale.
  • The show’s oddest return is also one of its newest additions. Maggie Geha will replace Claire Foley as Poison Ivy. The justification for it is that Ivy is magically aged following an encounter with one of the Indian Hill escapees. While it’s a fairly transparent plot to a) give the character something to do and b) drive a wedge between Bruce and Selina, there are some interesting possibilities opened up by the recasting. Ivy has always been a younger sister of sorts to Selina and with that now very much reversed, it’ll be interesting to see how the two characters interact.


  • David Mazouz will pull double duty as Bruce and Bruce’s long-haired doppelgänger introduced at the end of season two. The rumour is he’s Bruce’s often-rumoured brother Thomas Wayne Jr. But is he a hero, a villain or something in between? Mazouz has called him very weird.

New Characters

  • Finally on the much-needed side of the angels, we get Valerie Vale. Played by Jamie Chung, Valerie’s a hard-charging Gotham journalist who may be a possible love interest for Detective Jerkface himself, Jim Gordon. Interestingly, she’s rumoured to be Vicki Vale’s aunt, leaving the door open for that character to make an appearance in later seasons.

Random Plot Points:

  • The season is subtitled “Mad City”.
  • The first two episodes are written by John Stephens and Ken Woodruff. Both are directed by Danny Cannon. 3.01 is called “Better To reign in Hell” while 3.02 is “Burn The Witch”. Wonder if that ties into the bonfire we see Penguin at…
  • Six months have passed between the end of season two and the start of season three.
  • Strange’s monsters have been wreaking havoc across Gotham.
  • There are lots more of them than the ones we’ve seen so far.
  • Jim will still not be back with the GCPD, but working as a bounty hunter, bringing them in one at a time.
  • Speaking at San Diego Comic Con Michael Chiklis revealed that Barnes is going to be shaken to the core when he returns to the show. “Something really terrible is going to happen to him… and it’s going to change him inexorably. So there’s some really cool stuff coming up for my guy. It’s actually the reason I took the job.” A villainous turn? A new identity? Clearly all is not well in Barnes’ well-ordered world…
  • Lee will definitely have a new love interest. It may well be Mario Falcone, the son of Carmine. Played by Punisher star James Carpinello, Mario has turned his back on the family business and is a hard working ER doctor.
  • Barbara and Tabitha will have gone into business together, opening a night club called Sirens. This will be a meeting place for all Gotham’s nastiest citizens and, we suspect, a major location in season three.
  • The Nygma/Penguin odd couple friendship will be back in a big way.
  • David Mazouz has been talking about Bruce’s journey and how painfully aware he is of the damage his decisions caused in season two. Season three, it seems, will be the kicker and by the end of it Bruce will be fully committed to becoming Batman.


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