FEMM Release 80s Inspired Neon Twilight and Countdown

FEMM Release 80s Inspired Neon Twilight and Countdown

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ntcd_jketFollowing on from the release of their EP, PoW! / L.C.S. + Femm-Isation, earlier this year, as well collaborating with Faky and Yup’in for FAMM’IN, the mannequin pop duo FEMM have released two music videos of their digital singles Neon Twilight and Countdown.

FEMM revealed that the key words for their new music videos are “80’s revival” and “retro future”, as they both showcase a punkish, futuristic feel with vibrant, neon colours.

Neon Twilight is an up tempo track with repeating loops. The music video features the mannequins RiRi and LuLa framed at right angles (they don’t face the camera), as the shots change along with the music. According to FEMM, the video expresses the neon lights of the Tokyo night, their home ground Shibuya club scenes and the nostalgic scenery from the end of each era.

Countdown, produced by Sacha Skarbek, is a more funky number, with synth and drums. The costumes and lyrics from 80s culture is reminiscent of cyberpunk. The music video also sticks with the 80s vibe with a 4:3 ratio and soft focus, as well as featuring RiRi and LuLa break dance and back spin.

Both tracks were the official theme songs for Japan’s Night Nation Run – the world’s first running music festival, with FEMM performing at the Road To “Night Nation Run in JAPAN.”

Both Neon Twilight and Countdown are available now on iTunes. If you’d like to know more about FEMM, then be sure to check out their website.


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