Rihanna’s New Song Debuts in Latest Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Rihanna’s New Song Debuts in Latest Star Trek Beyond Trailer

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There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond, not the least of which is the new Rihanna single that debuts with it. ‘Sledgehammer’ is a quiet, grim but determined affair that draws from the same kind of well as ‘Fighter’ by Cristina Aguilera and ‘Champion’ by Katy Perry but with far more of a hard-bitten edge. It’s both pretty great and a pretty great fit for the trailer which also features a bunch of stuff we’ve not seen before.

There’s lots more of that huge orbital habitat we see the Enterprise launching from. Old fashioned StarBase or maybe a non-human outpost? Maybe something new. We never did see Deep Spaces One to Eight after all…

Similarly, a longer version of Kirk’s log entry seems to confirm the NCC-1701 is toast and the action sequence that forms the final half of the trailer certainly seems to provide confirmation of that. Elsewhere we get what seems to be some welcome extra stuff for Sulu and Uhura to do and a pretty clear look at a very old ‘friend’ who seems to play a vital part in the movie.

It’s a fun trailer, a good song and a surprisingly great fit. Go take a look.

Star Trek Beyond is released on July 22nd.

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