Renegades Web Series Makes Changes In Wake of Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines

Renegades Web Series Makes Changes In Wake of Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines

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renegadesIt has been a rough couple of weeks for the Star Trek fan film community. The lawsuit against fan movie Axanar, and the confused nature of its seeming resolution, has created a lot of bad feeling. That’s been accentuated by the release of official guidelines for Star Trek fan films that, at first glance, seem pretty restrictive.

But fans are nothing if not ingenious and now, one of the best known fan series has come out with a statement about what it plans to do next. Renegades already has a pilot movie, directed by Tim Russ, up on youtube. It’s got a legion of Trek actors in the cast and is really good fun. Here’s the trailer.

Over at their website, the company has issues a statement about how the guidelines will change their plans. The whole statement, and site, is worth clicking through to but this is the impressive bit:

As you know, we’ve already begun filming “The Requiem” so we cannot halt, suspend, or postpone production. Renegades, from the get go, was designed to be transformative… not derivative. Thus, with very minor changes to our script, we have eliminated all of the Star Trek references. The good news is that Renegades is now a completely original and ongoing series.

So, while it’s not great news for a continuation of the non-Kelvin Star Trek timeline, it means Renegades is now an entirely original new SF show and we always need more of them. More power to them, just not impulse power anymore. For legal reasons.

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