Introducing Seoul Punk Band “…Whatever That Means”

Introducing Seoul Punk Band “…Whatever That Means”

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...Whatever That Means 2016 (with logo)

With the Korean music scene being super famous for K-pop, other genres sometimes get majorly overlooked. With a little bit of help from the Seoul created punk band …Whatever That Means, a new genre of mixed culture music will be making its way overseas. This summer the band will be embarking on their second American tour since 2011.

The quartet consists of Jeff (guitar and vocals), Trash (bass and vocals), Bialy (guitar and vocals), and Daewon (drums), who are from Korea, America and Poland, giving the group a cultural uniqueness that isn’t really seen within the punk genre. The band will be performing along the US West Coast in late July and early August in support of a new split 7” they are releasing with Seattle band Burn Burn Burn. From Las Vegas to Los Angeles, …Whatever That Means have already toured overseas in Malaysia and Singapore in the past and were named, “The pop-punk face of the Korean music scene” by famed US music magazine Alternative Press.

...Whatever That Means live 2 by Jon Dunbar

In November 2014, a documentary featuring WTM titled, “Us & Them: Korean Indie Rock in a K-Pop World” was released and screened at select locations throughout the US, New Zealand, Korea and Southeast Asia. Showing what they are made of the band released their cover of the Chinkee’s Asian Prodigy” with the video featuring the members dressed in costume with their fans in the youth central of Hongdae, Seoul. The song is in English and a definitive nod to the 90’s punk song era.

The band has a Bandcamp where you can stream a few of their songs to really get a feel of their abilities. You can check out the music video for “Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two” below. Be sure to keep checking back to MYM Buzz for a future interview as they embark on their latest tour in America. Be sure to show them some support and check out their Facebook page.

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