MCM Animatsu Panel Reveals Monster Hunt & Trinity Seven Plans

MCM Animatsu Panel Reveals Monster Hunt & Trinity Seven Plans

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Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Comic Con is that time of year where distribution companies announce their upcoming anime line-up for the year, and the team at Animatsu took to the Bronze stage at MCM London Comic Con to reveal its imminent releases. Showing trailers, teaser images and Pictionary to keep the audience entertained, the company announced a flurry of new series and films that will come to the UK.

The first to be announced was Trinity Seven, the 2014 anime series adapted from Kenji Saito and Akinari Nao’s manga of the same name. The fantasy anime focuses on Kasuga Arata and his quest to save his cousin Hijiri when their small town is destroyed by the Black Sun, and to do this he enlists the help of a group of powerful female mages known as the Trinity Seven.

Monster hunt

Another big announcement for the company was the release of Chinese phenomenon Monster Hunt, the film, which features a world where humans and monsters coexist, is the highest-grossing domestic film ever in China.

The group also briefly discussed the releases of Love, Chuibyo + Other Delusions, Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals, Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto, Hanayamata and Punchline.

They aren’t just bringing new anime to the UK, though, as Animatsu revealed it would be issuing the first and second series of Digimon on DVD, as well as Death Note. So it certainly sounds like it’ll be a good year for anime!


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