K-pop Boy Group MYNAME to meet European MYGIRL’s

K-pop Boy Group MYNAME to meet European MYGIRL’s

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With the end of exams and the summer holidays approaching what better time to announce a new European K-pop tour. Our good friends over at Kinetic Vibe have just announced that they are hosting two concerts for K-pop boy group MYNAME in Lisbon and Madrid, whilst Arpeggios Events will be bringing the group to London. This will be MYNAME’s first European tour with the title “MYNAME with MYGIRL” and will be visiting eight stops around Europe.

1st September 2016 – Kantine in Cologne, Germany
2nd September 2016 – Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden
3rd September 2016 – Progresja in Warsaw, Poland
4th September 2016 – Palatul National al Coplilor in Bucharest, Romania
6th September 2016 – CATS (Sala Mitty) in Madrid, Spain
8th September 2016 – Paradise Garage in Lisbon, Portugal
10th September 2016 – 02 Academy Islington in London, UK
11th September 2016 – Cabaret Sauvage in Paris, France

MYNAME debuted in 2011 under H2Media with the members GunWoo, InSoo, SeYong, JunQ, and ChaeJin and their release “Message” which features upbeat music with extremely catchy lyrics. Their second release was “Hello & Goodbye” which showed diversity in their vocals, as well as their acting abilities through their heart-touching music video. Their popularity saw no bounds, and they released their first Japanese single titled “Summer Party” with a fresh new sound and look to appeal to their Japanese fans – this song became a big hit with international fans as well. Using their popularity within Japan as a base, they released their second single “What’s Up” which kept to their upbeat, cute party styled sound.

In 2013 MYNAME came back to Korea with their second single album with the title song “Just That Little Thing” showing a totally new look, new style of music and a better understanding of what their Korean and international fans wanted. The new release allowed the group to host their first solo Korean concert in the same year. Hearing the call from their Japanese fans, the group duel wielded their activities as they released “We Are The Night” as a Japanese release, this then led the group to hosting a totally sold out concert over three days. They went to all new levels when they returned to Korea to release their first solo mini album which could boast a 500 million won (roughly £280,000) music video and short film that was filmed in Busan for their release “Baby I’m Sorry”. The video is a product of our good music video and film-maker friends at ZanyBros, and is one very emotional ride for any fan – what really impressed was the quality of the acting, and the emotions you go through for a very well structured music video.

Enlisting the help of Deux member Lee Hyun Do, MYNAME collaborated with the idol to release their hit song “Day By Day”, a lot softer and tittering on the side of an upbeat ballad, this was one of the first times that fans felt that the group had finally transitioned from a boy-group, to a group of very talented young men. Keeping their fans in Japan with bated breathe, the group returned full force with the release of their Japanese movie “Shinokubo Story”, which tells the story of five young Korean men from different walks of life who are scouted to be part of a potential K-pop group from the Shin-Okubo neighborhood of Tokyo. Their musical release “Shirayuki” was released in conjunction with the movie and hit #6 on the Oricon charts. Keeping the flow of good work in Japan, the boys released “F.F.Y” which boosted the boys even higher in the Oricon charts at #2.

2015 marked the release of their 2nd mini album which was dual released in both Korea and Japan, along with the song “Too Very, So Much”. Something that was nice to see with this release was the playful fun side to the group, something that fans knew they had, but was kept pretty quiet from main media. “Stop The Time”  was their first Japanese release in 2015, along with their Japanese album “I.M.G ~Without You~”. The album topped the Oricon charts and the song was picked up for NTV’s drama series Five Star Tourist. August 2015 saw the group ask their fans to recommend songs for their upcoming “MYBESTNAME” collective album. As a thank you to their fans the group released the song “MyGirl” (which is the name of their fandom).

UR Kpop Live is a new Facebook page based on getting your favourite K-pop stars to Europe, they are working together with Arpeggios Events for MYNAME’s UK stop. There is already a “MYNAME With MYGIRL” event page where you can get all the information you need or talk to other MyGirl’s. Tickets are on sale for the London stop already with the prices as follows:

London Venue
O2 Academy Islington
N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield St, Islington N1 0PS
Access by Angel Station on the Bank Branch of the Northern Line.
Buy Tickets: Weezevent
V.V.I.P (Meet&Greet + Early Entry + Concert) – £90
Limited quantity ticket to meet MYNAME members and have a picture taken with them. Ticket is not exchangeable nor refundable. Please bring a valid ID along with your ticket to enter the venue.
V.I.P (Meet&Greet + Concert) – £70
Limited quantity ticket to meet MYNAME members and have a picture taken with them. Ticket it is not exchangeable nor refundable. Please bring a valid ID along with your ticket to enter the venue.
General (Concert Only) – £31
Concert admission for a 2-hour show. Ticket is not exchangeable nor refundable. Please bring a valid ID along with your ticket to enter the venue.
Doors open at 4:30pm
Show starts at 6pm
The Meet&Greet will start at the end of the show around 8pm
The Meet&Greet will consist of a handshake and a picture taken in group of 10 persons at a time

Be sure to keep checking back to MYMBuzz for the latest announcements and coverage of the concert. You can also pop along to the Arpeggios Events website for more information or any questions you may have. Whilst you’re at it be sure to pop along to MYNAME’s official Facebook and UK fanpage to show a little support for the boys!

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