MyM magazine Issue 49 featuring Captain America: Civil War is out now!

MyM magazine Issue 49 featuring Captain America: Civil War is out now!

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Issue 49 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Comic Con, is out now! Featuring Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans talking Captain America: Civil War, Pandemic designer Matt Leacock, sci-fi flick The Call Up and double-platinum selling singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner on his acting debut in American Idiot!

What is it with superheroes taking lumps out of each other all of a sudden? We’ve already had to separate DC’s greatest figures, Batman and Superman, who both needed some time out on the naughty step and a temporary ban on sugar until they promised justice would, eventually, dawn. Although the feral fanboy response probably hasn’t helped their tempers – read our rather surprising review on page 78, as we’d already gone to press on MyM Issue 48 before Warner Bros. dared screen Dawn of Justice.

Maybe it’s something in the water, but the folks over at Marvel also seem to be getting a bit hot under the collar. The two we really need to have stern words with this time are Captain America and Tony Stark, who differ on the issue of government oversight (don’t worry, Captain America: Civil War will be a lot more exciting than that sounds).

When these two come to blows it splits the Avengers down the middle, although you may be surprised to find out which side these two are on. Head to page 22 to see them make their arguments and sway your vote. Makes a nice warm up for next month’s superhero showdown, as the X-Men choose sides in X-Men: Apocalypse.

If super-squabbles don’t float your boat, we’ve got amazing con coverage (page 10), something for zombie-lovers (page 18), board game bad asses (page 26), the month’s best merchandise (page 62), exclusive on-set movie coverage (page 68) and a chat with Newton Faulkner about his first acting job (page 82). But we’re telling Bats, Supes, Cap, Tony and the X-Men you said they suck, so watch your back!

Matt Chapman, Editor

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MyM49 Captain America Civil War 615

Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans go head to head in our interview, as their characters Tony Stark and Captain America tear the Avengers apart. Whether you’re Team Cap or Team Iron Man you won’t want to miss this.

MyM Issue 49 Captain America Civil War feature

Magical girl show Pretty Cure is on anime fans’ radars right now thanks to controversial new dub Glitter Force. Alex Jones takes a closer look at Toei Animation’s money-spinning franchise.

Sci-fi flick The Call Up sees eager players summoned to experience a new realitybending video game. MyM’s Bobby MacPherson answered a similar call to visit a set that blends the real world with the gaming world.

MyM’s David Axbey sat down with two titans of the board game industry: Pandemic designer Matt Leacock and Z-Man founder Zev Shlasinger.

The National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships took place in Manchester in April. MyM’s Sam Halford reports from the front lines.

MyM Issue 49 National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships 2016 Manchester

The epic fantasy novelist talks us through his favourite comics.

The double-platinum selling singer/songwriter makes his acting debut in American Idiot.

Including all the best cosplay and chat from MCM events in Liverpool and Birmingham and a zombie outbreak in East London!

MyM Issue 49 Virtually Dead HTC Vive Arizona Sunshine

This month we obsess over two possible Bond replacements starring in Bastille Day and The Night Manager, see movies merge with video games in Late Shift, enjoy the company of The Last Man on the Moon and witness the triumphant return of Mowgli in the live action version of The Jungle Book.

We sit down with Koji Nakajima and Hiroyuki Kaneko to discuss One Piece brawler Burning Blood, uncover all the latest information on Final Fantasy XV and take a look at some of the more interesting games coming up in 2016.

Addictive drool, quirky birds, part-time zombies and murderous social media are all grist to Ian Wolf’s manga mill, while Andy Shaw hangs with sci-fi samurai in Marshals, code crackers in The Imitation Game and superheroes-gone-bad in The Ten-Seconders.

We’ve a little bit of everything for you this month when it comes to anime genres – thriller, comedy, supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, historical drama and old-school, rough ’n’ tumble action. Highlights include Kazuki Akane’s realitybending Noein, Shinichiro Watanabe’s explosive Terror in Resonance, Hiroyuki Okiura’s heartfelt A Letter to Momo and art-inspired Keiichi Hara movie Miss Hokusai.

Katharine Byrne talks with French cosplayer Phobos about creating Marvel’s new hammer-wielding goddess, while Emily Faulder learns how to make her own lolita fashion accessories. And what do Darkstalkers’ Morrigan, The Joker, X-23 and Frodo Baggins all have in common? They’re starring on this issue’s poster pages, that’s what.

MyM Issue 49_Cosplay X-23 Saphira Cosplay

Including Talisman space spin-off board game Relic and LEGO’s fun take on the Angry Birds Movie!

Teacher and model Katie Carter becomes a pop-up princess.

MyM49_BuzzBanner_Captain America Civil War


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