American Gods Casts Emily Browning As Laura Moon

American Gods Casts Emily Browning As Laura Moon

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Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, Legend) has been cast as Laura Moon in Starz’s upcoming television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel American Gods.


Emily Browning in Sucker Punch

Laura Moon is the wife of  central character Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). At the start of the story she has been preparing for her husband’s pending prison release but he then he goes off an unexpected journey across America as the body guard to the mysterious Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane). It’s a journey that brings him into contact with a bunch “imported” gods who feel the need for their services are diminishing in the modern world where people worship celebrity and technology instead. Something pretty major happens to Laura in the first few pages of the novel which we won’t reveal in case you haven’t read it, but it does mean she becomes involved in the plot in a surprising and pivotal way.

“I’ve been fascinated by Emily Browning since A Series of Unfortunate Events,” says Neil Gaiman (perhaps revealing a little too much information…?). “She has a challenge ahead of her: Laura is a tricky character, and the Laura on the screen is even trickier and more dangerous than the one on the page. She’s going to have a wonderful time bringing Laura to life.”

“You don’t need a magical coin when you have Emily Browning,” add showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. “She brings a fascinating spark of life to every role she inhabits and we are tickled she will be lighting up Laura Moon and bringing her to life in more ways than one on American Gods.”



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