Guardians Of The Gallery: Superhero Cribs, Deadpool Does Drag & More

Guardians Of The Gallery: Superhero Cribs, Deadpool Does Drag & More

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Images and video from around the ’net that amused BUZZ this week…

••• In a series that he calls “Interheroes” illustrator and architect Federico Babina redesigns various superheroes’ pads to reflect their costumes and powers. They all seem to be major fans of The Incredibles too, look at the resto-aesthetic style. Not that we’re complaining – these are gorgeous. Especially the Fantastic Four one which reflects each of the four members of the team. We are wondering, though, if their clock is stuck on 4 o’clock. We have no idea what beef Babina has with vowels, though…

color color color color color color color color color color color color


••• The Walking Dead theme tune gets the a cappella treatment.


••• Okay, let this be last word in Disney Princess franchise crossovers. Deadpool drags it up as the usual range of animated royalettes. [Via: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]








••• What if weapons from classic video games actually worked like they should?


••• We knew something good would eventually come out the current craze for those frankly overhyped, annoying and misleadingly named hoverboards. Someone in Taiwan has turned one into Goku’s Flying Nimbus cloud from Dragon Ball.


••• Witness the internet working in synergy. When copious amounts of snow fell in Rochester, New York this week, , Rebekah Ford swiftly created a Star Wars inspired ice sculpture…


The Reddit got hold of it, loads of people commented that it looked like Mount Rushmore and so HauschkasFoot Photoshopped up a whole new version of the battle on Hoth (which Rebekah Ford now uses as the profile pic on her Facebook page).

Hoth 1

Hoth 2


••• Game Of Thrones’ red witch Melisandre proves to be a far from perfect guest to invite along to a baby shower in this sketch from Late Night With Seth Meyers.


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